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How Many is Too Many?

lots of purses
How many purses do you have? Come on…You can tell me. It’ll be our little secret.How many do I have? Oh clever…how about I’ll tell you after you tell me? Deal?

Ladies, is it a hidden secret or a common knowledge that purses are addicting? It’s beyond easy to binge and own several handbags, but how much is really enough?
The truth of the matter, there is NO RIGHT NUMBER! That’s it. It depends on you as a person and your wallet. Can you afford to buy a purse a month? A week? Then go for it…Now if you’re putting your family in debt with your purse habit, then you may want to rethink your priorities, but having multiple purses if you can afford to holds no harm.
Granted, thousands upon thousands of purses is a little sick…And some celebrities, like Mariah Carey and others who own every damn purse imaginable, are slightly sickening…but dipping into the ‘ol pocket book to grab another holds no danger in my eyes.
Generally the average woman owns at least three purses, but more often than not, women will hoard 5-10. This is not devastating…Unless you don’t have somewhere to store them…
Ladies, if your man is giving you gripe about your handbags, tell him, it’s your thing. Sports, beer or Nintendo are his, purses are yours.
Now go get yourself a new handbag!


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