Holiday Style Guide Interviews

Which “Kate” will you be channeling when you attend holiday parties this season — Moss, Middleton, Bosworth, or Perry?

image Jessica: Kate Bosworth
image Kayley: Kate Middleton! Her style is perfect for the holidays. Cozy, classic, and simple.

What holiday song brings you the most holiday spirit? Which song KILLS it?

image Jessica: Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You and Santa Baby, but Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer is pretty darn bad.
image Elizabeth: I absolutely adore Harry Connick Jr.’s Christmas album, “When My Heart Finds Christmas.”  The whole album brings me the most holiday spirit, but I think my favorite song is “It must’ve been Ol’ Santa Claus”.I can’t think of a specific song that kill’s my holiday spirit, but there are some pretty awful Christmas songs out there, especially ones by pop stars trying to recreate classic holiday tunes.  Leave it to the professionals people.
image Kayley: I absolutely love orchestra Christmas music. I grew up listening to my parent’s favorite vinyl records of symphony music during the holidays. It’s so peaceful! Which song kills it? I know this is a favorite of many but I really, really don’t like the song “All I want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey.
image Christina: Christina: Christmas morning with my family. My dad always gets out of the video camera and films every one of us after we practically just woke up and look awful! Then he gets a fire going, puts on Christmas music, and we take turns opening gifts.

What holiday food makes you bring out the stretchy pants?

image Jessica: All of it but especially the brown sugar roasted scones :)
image Elizabeth: Haha, all of it!  My family has a tradition of doing King Crab Legs w/ drawn butter on either Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, so that’s my favorite holiday meal.
image Kayley: Green bean casserole. It’s always been my favorite!
image Christina: It has to be my Mom’s macaroni & cheese. There’s nothing I love more in life than overdosing on her mac & cheese when I go home for the holidays. Definitely stretchy-pant worthy.

What’s on your wish-list this holiday?

image Jessica: Either the Isabel Marant suede high top sneakers or the Jofama by Kenza leather jacket!
image Elizabeth: Camera gear!
image Christina: This year’s wishlist includes an iPad (crazy I still don’t have one of these!), a Celine bag, and a weekend getaway. Those three things would make me very happy this season.

What holiday beverage makes you the merriest?

image Jessica: Sparkling Apple Cider :P  I don’t drink!
image Elizabeth: I just recently came up with a delicious recipe for hot buttered rum, and let me tell you, it certainly makes for merriment.  SO delicious.  Last year I made homemade peppermint liqueur and put it in hot chocolate and that was also amazingly delicious as well.
image Kayley: A great glass of wine accompanied by a warm slice of pie.
image Christina: Holiday Sangria! I’m a wine-lover so this is a no-brainer. I prefer white over red but both are equally appreciated. My runner up would be egg nog, but it always makes me sleepy.

Which gift from years past rivals the excitement of the Red Rider BB Gun?

image Jessica: My Easy Bake oven :)
image Kayley: Last year’s Christmas gift from my little sister. She really spoiled me and got us tickets to see Coldplay in Chicago. The concert was incredible!
image Christina: Cabbage Patch dolls! That was my absolute favorite growing up. I used to have one with little yarn strings for hair. She was the best. Back then you could name them and you had to fill out a little certificate of ownership. It was so cute!

What holiday movie is on repeat throughout the season?

image Jessica: I wish it was Home Alone 1 and 2 but it always seems to be A Christmas Story!
image Elizabeth: My family has this old faux tree that is stored in the basement crawlspace with all the holiday decorations and one year when I was pretty young I was so excited for Christmas I decided to take it upon myself to go downstairs and haul the tree out of the crawlspace and upstairs to the livingroom on my own.  I’m pretty sure it weighed as much as I did, but I did it.  For the next few years it was my unspoken duty to be the bringer of the tree.
image Kayley: Love, Actually. I’m not sure if that’s actually considered a holiday movie, but I love it this time of year!
image Christina: “A Christmas Story” for sure. No matter how many times my family and I watch that movie together, it’s still hilarious each time. Such a classic.

What’s your favorite holiday memory?

image Jessica: Tubing in the Utah snow and eating at our favorite family buffet restaurant Chuck A Rama!
image Kayley: Christmas morning with my family. My dad always gets out of the video camera and films every one of us after we practically just woke up and look awful! Then he gets a fire going, puts on Christmas music, and we take turns opening gifts.
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