Holiday Gift Guide: Sports Lover

Everyone has a sports fanatic in their inner circle. My lovely BF happens to lean toward to the crazy side in this regard. He bans me from the living room while he watches his beloved college basketball because my insightful commentary on the players’ pants is “distracting.” He seems to have more sports-centric T-shirts and hoodies than there are days in a decade. And his favorite lullaby is the gentle hum of Sports Center.

Sound familiar?

If you know someone like this, dazzle them this Holiday season with a spot-on, sporty gift. Whether their addiction game of choice is golf, basketball, baseball, football or flying, these gifts are sure to score a home run.


Baseball Explosion Tie, $11.01,

SW Shatterproof Goggles Style #9887, $15.26,

NFL Necktie, $16-$26, (Check the selection for his or her favorite team!)

Airplane Tie Bar, $10.16,

12 Pair of Men’s Tube Socks, $13.09,

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