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Holiday Gift Guide: Rockstar

Have you ever noticed how some people just look like total rock stars all the time?  It’s the subtle things that make them stand out a little, without being costume-y or too trendy.

And I’ve gotta tell you, I wish I could give you hints about how to dress like them.  But I’ve been trying for years, and I still can’t get it.

So I’ll just give you some cool ideas for what to give your everyday rockstar.

You know it’s not about having studded denim and Alice Cooper eye makeup on all the time; it’s about the little punky touches.  Check it out:

SW Retro Style #2453 Sunglass Warehouse, $8.46
Ramsay Rock Tote Handbag Heaven $66.26
SW Retro Asymmetrical Style #97 Sunglass Warehouse $12.71
Black Poly Skinny Tie ABC Neckties $12.71
Tiffany Stud Clutch Handbag Heaven $25.46

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