Holiday Gift Guide: New Mom

Was a friend of relative graced by a new bundle of joy this year? Yes? Planning on getting her another bib with ‘I’M TROUBLE’ printed on the front? It’s good I caught you then.

As fun as it is to gift for the little tykes, our dear new Moms need some love too! She’s likely been crazy busy and will appreciate some much-deserved attention in the form of stylish yet practical presents.

The bag below is big enough for the occasional diaper or bottle and offers tons of pockets for baby-relevant nick-nacks. Make the gift especially personal and give a sterling silver locket with a pic of her mini-me inside (I know, I can’t believe that price either!). Or perhaps a pretty glasses chain to keep the specs from crashing to the ground via baby-slingage. The lovely scarf you see is called ‘super’ for a reason — makeshift baby blanket in the house! And last but not least, a sturdy pair of movie star-worthy shades to hide the inevitable circles under her eyes from lack of sleep.

Jackie Pocket Tote, $40.76,

Glasses Chain, $4.21

Laser Cut Style #8737, $14.41,

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