Holiday Gift Guide: Dad

Alright, Daddy’s Girls: raise your hands.

*raises hand*

Dads take care of us even when we don’t do that killer puppy dog face, and it’s time to return the favor!  We know Dad never expects anything for Christmas (“Your presence is all I ask.”  Right?), but wouldn’t it just feel good to see the pleasant surprise on his face when you present him with a nice little box with a pretty totally manly bow on it??  And then to have something in it other than a CD from an artist you think he should like will blow him away.

Check out some of the classy gift ideas below, and don’t be afraid to tell him how excited you are for him to open the present from his most cherished little girl in the world!


Selini Handkerchief Set, $12.88,

Men’s Designer Dress Socks, $17.81,

Salt Lake Striped Silk Tie, $16.96,

Metal Style #214, $13.56,

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