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Today’s guest blogger is the charming Victoria, author of The Sweet Life, a blog in which she shares tales of life in Texas. Here she gives us a Texan’s perspective on the perfect handbag.

So, I’m not a native Texan, but let me tell you, there is NO other state that has more state pride than Texas. I’ll give you $100 (or maybe just a high five) if you can drive more than 200ft before you see one of the following:

a) an outline of the state of Texas
b) the Texas star
c) Longhorns
d) a Texas flag
e) a combination of the above

Texans love their state and take it very seriously, and that includes their sayings. You know, when they say, “Everything is bigger in Texas,” it’s TRUE! No self-respecting Texas gal will leave her house without her hair the size of Dallas and her handbag the size of Houston.

The Valencia Blush Hobo is great for any Texas girl. It’s big enough to store all the essentials: lipstick, mascara, blush, powder, eyeliner, a hand mirror… whoops! I mean driver’s license, credit cards, cell phone, and money, of course. As everyone knows, Texas girls wake up looking beautiful!

Hobo Handbag

If you’re feeling a little more “Don’t Mess with Texas,” try the Heartbreaker Rock Satchel, still big enough for the essentials, but it comes in one of our state’s favorite colors, RED, to match our ever-present state flag. Throw on a blue scarf and call it a day!


Trying to “Beat the Texas heat” this summer? Aren’t we all?!?! This being my 4th summer here, I’ve learned to never leave home without a water bottle. What if the valet takes 5 minutes to get your car? You’ll melt out there! Check out the light and airy Paisley Cotton Hobo. Still big enough to be your home away from home, but soft and summery enough to carry every day.

Paisley Hobo

Well, that’s what’s up in Texas. Until next time, “Bye, y’all!”

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