Handbags for Spring Break and Beyond

For most schools and universities, spring break is just around the corner! You know what that means… sunblock, swimsuits and sunglasses, of course! With so much to remember to pack for a trip, it’s easy to forget what you’re going to carry everything in. That’s why we’re here to remind you of the most essential item for spring break: a handbag! We’ve got some great beach bags for you, and if beach time isn’t on your spring break agenda, these super cute, large bags are also perfect for a picnic lunch.

Check out our lime green Woven Canvas Tote,which is not only great for the beach, but great for fashionably carrying school books as well. Our red Large Burlap Polka Dot Tote looks like it was made to be sitting on the sand. If the beach is far from your horizons, both of these bags can used for other things, such as a green alternative to paper/plastic bags, a gym bag, or even a weekend bag.

woven canvas tote

Large burlap polka dot tote

When spring break approaches its end and the new semester rolls around, there’s more to buy than just new school supplies. It’s time to replace your winter school bag with a new, rejuvenated spring bag. More stylish than a traditional backpack, these bags are perfect for carrying books and your laptop.
Black Courtney Folded Bag

Kimberly Denim Bag

Our fun school bags will make a fashion statement throughout the hallways. The bags shown above, the Courtney Folded Bag and the Kimberly Denim Bag, both contain multiple pockets, which makes it easy to store pencils, pens, a calculator, lip balm and anything else you like to carry to class!

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