Handbag 107: The Clutch

The Clutch:

Category = Teeny Tiny!

Is it a mini purse or an extra-large wallet? Whichever you prefer, we’re glad these small bags are around to pair with evening apparel. Clutches are small, handheld bags that most women bring out in replacement of large shoulder bags. Only the essentials will fit in this accessory, so grab just your phone, keys, and money! Clutches can be both casual and super fancy, and celebrities love to sport them on the red carpet. These bags can serve as that extra “something” an outfit needs, or act as a wallet or makeup case if you change purses often.  We think every girl should own a few of these for her nights out on the town. Just be careful you hold on to it at all times and don’t lose track of your tiny purse! If you’re worried about leaving it somewhere, opt for a small evening bag or clutch/chain combo so you can keep that sucker close.

Classic Rhinestone Clutch

Classic Rhinestone Clutch

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