Handbag 106:The Envelope

The Envelope:

Category = Small

This tiny bag stays true to its name – it’s shaped like an envelope and isn’t fit to hold that bottle of Diet Coke you carry around. (Think envelope = opposite of tote) This basic purse was popular in the ’50s and still has the same proper, feminine feel today. They are square or rectangular in shape with a clasp to secure in those few items. It’s perfect for the girl who wants a bag that won’t get in the way. It tucks right under your arm and looks neat and sophisticated with any outfit. Some envelope bags have shoulder straps while others take on the appearance of a strapless clutch. Either way, these minis are good to have around if you’re a minimalistic chica. But PLEASE: don’t try stuffing too much in! These bags are supposed to be flat with 4 sides, not round like a basketball. When the shape is distorted, the bag loses its appeal.

Classic Quilted Shoulder Bag

Classic Quilted Shoulder Bag

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