Handbag 105: The Cross-Body/Messenger

The Cross-Body/Messenger

Category = Medium/Large, and Durable!

Trend alert: these are in right now!  And they’re perfect for the girl who always has her hands full. Although self explanatory, the cross-body bag goes over one shoulder and hangs down at the opposite hip, offering a hands and arms-free approach to travel. But this is really the only defining characteristic, as these bags are very varied and can be slouchy, structured, small, or large. Messenger bags are usually larger and carried on your back, similar to a backpack. Cross-body bags are more comparable to purses and tend to be a little smaller than messengers. If you’re using your bag for books and binders, look for a wider strap to support the extra weight. If it’s functioning as an everyday purse, look for a thinner strap that won’t overwhelm you or take away from your outfit. Your current bag may have even come with an additional, removable shoulder strap, so you can instantly transform it into a cross-body piece.

Mackenzie Messenger Bag

Mackenzie Messenger Bag

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