Handbag 103: The Satchel

The Satchel:

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These bags have become extremely popular in the past few years, as they are enduring, practical, and designers’ favorites! Because of their shape, satchels resemble small, stylish duffel bags. They are rectangular, usually have 2 shorter handles, and are meant to be held in your hand or in the crook of your elbow. (Some satchels can be worn over the shoulder, so check first) Both ends of the bag are usually rounded, so you can stuff a lot in without distorting the shape. This is the perfect choice for someone who needs to tote a lot around, but likes a more shallow and structured bag than the bucket shape. Our favorite thing about these bags is that they usually sport pockets, zippers, and other hardware on the outside. But because it’s normally held in your hand or arm, make sure you can function single-handedly!


Phoebe Fashionista Satchel

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