Handbag 102: The Bucket

The Bucket:

Category = Large

This bag is perfect for the girl who needs a lot of space to stash her stuff but doesn’t want to be overwhelmed by her bag. Bucket bags are deep and roomy with short straps that land the bag right below the shoulder. These slouchy bags are trendy, but for those of you who need a little structure and organization in your life, we wouldn’t recommend it. There are usually few pockets and zippers, so your belongings may sink to the bottom. (However, some bucket bags are more structured and actually resemble a bucket’s shape–so don’t rule them out!) These bags tend to be more fun than professional, and come in some seriously funky patterns and colors to ramp up your favorite outfits. Larger bucket bags even resemble totes, because they tend to be on the larger size (just a little slouchier–if that’s a word).


Flower Print Bucket Bag

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