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Get Girly With Ruffles

I think it’s great to have a girly look, but not be too girly. Do you know what I mean? Like wearing a dress and getting your nails done, but not being afraid to kick it with the boys. Or having a great outfit, but being able to leave the house without make-up. Being able to have a girl’s night (girly) and not being too self conscious to eat the brownies (not too girly). Ya dig? I found the perfect thing to give off a girly look: ruffles! A little ruffle give off that perfect feminine, flirty look. Scared of being too ruffly though? Just try ruffles in small amounts, like ruffled handbags.

Andi Ruffled Hobo Handbag Heaven

Andi Ruffled Hobo

Something like that Andi Ruffled Hobo (new to the Handbag Heaven family) will give you that perfect girly look, without trying too hard. So get girly, get flirty and be fun. Get ruffles!

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