Credit Card Addiction

A Stack of Credit Cards

Credit card debt is becoming a huge national crisis in the United States! This is a problem we as a society are getting ourselves into, and must also get ourselves out of! In order to even begin to solve this dilemma we must first and foremost look at our WALLETS!

Yes, these neglected jewels carry our story. From gift cards, to debit cards, to credit cards, to frequent customer cards and so on, our wallets are home to more than our cash.  Our patterns, tastes, organizational styles and identities are all held home in our wallets. So why not care for what our wallets contain? Is it because society moves too fast and we don’t have the time? Or is because we simply don’t make the time?

Ladies, it is time to put an end to a cluttered wallet and rid yourself of a pound of cards!

First…Take everything out of your wallet. That’s right, dump it all! Then trash all unused, expired and severely damaged cards, receipts, etc.

Second…Separate your cards in an order of importance, the most important being your driver’s license and social security card to the least important, your frequent customer café card.

Third…Consider what is most important to you. Does your budget need cut? Do you have high balances on your credit cards? Why are you carrying certain cards, for security purposes? To attract attention? Figure out why you have it and why its important.

FourthPurge! Let go of the unnecessary. Maybe if you drop the frequent customer card from your café,  you won’t be inspired to go, hence saving you money and lbs!

Fifth…Return everything to your wallet in a well-arranged, organized manner.

Sixth…If you don’t already have a budget established, make one! Track your expenditures! If you credit balance is high, or if you’re prone to using plastic, then stick to one card. Once a balance has been maintained for a while, then possibly increase to two cards. Generally, there isn’t much more of a need for the plastic beyond the original two cards.

If you are having shopping addiction or credit card addiction then please check out these websites for assistance.

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