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Clutch Craze! Practical and Sexy!

Look for exotic animal prints, patent leather in vibrant colors, and extra “flash” such as exposed zippers and big buckles. These little accessories will not only take up less space – they’ll complete your outfit! They also make great gifts for sisters and girl friends. (A nice clutch can be the perfect graduation present, if you’re still looking!)

Check out what we recommend for after hours outings.

Flex Wallet

Sienna Flex Wallet

Shoulder Clutch

Reagan Shoulder Clutch

Colorblock Clutch

Winnit Colorblock Clutch

Exotic Wallet

Peyton Exotic Wallet

Going out for the night but don’t want to lug around your oversized (but trendy!) bag? Reach for a clutch or small evening bag instead. They’re big enough to hold your phone, keys and favorite lip gloss, but small enough to cause you zero stress while out with friends. We also think clutches can be a great alternative to large bags during the day if you’re just running errands or out with friends. Why should you shop for one now?

1. Clutches are much cheaper than their full-sized counterparts. Which means you can pick up 3 or 4 to match all your cute evening outfits.

2. Small size = easy storage. These won’t take up closet space.

3. Add a pop of color to that little black dress, without spending money on new heels!

4. If you set your everyday bag in the corner on the floor, you risk dirt, damage, and theft.

5. Make your life easier! You won’t have to dig through the junk of your seemingly bottomless bag to find the 4 things you REALLY need in your purse.  Large bags tempt you to carry more just because you CAN!

6. We should carry less than in the winter. Let’s try this analogy: Summer clothes are smaller than winter clothes … summer bags should be smaller than winter bags. It works, don’t you think?

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