Cleaning Your New Handbag

Since most of the handbags on are made from leatherette, we thought it important to provide a quick handbag cleaning lesson to our dear customers.

  1. First and foremost, thou must empty thy handbag, because thou dost not know what thou may find.  Why is this important?  Items left inside (pens and other fluids) can leak through to the outside of your bag.  Avoid a messy situation by cleaning out the inside often and checking for any leak-throughs.
  2. Grab a cloth or paper towel and dampen it slightly.
  3. For leatherette bags, blot the outside of your handbag.  If your handbag is patent leatherette, you can wipe it down with that damp cloth to get rid of dirt and restore its shine.  Avoid harsh chemical cleaners that are made for real leather.  These may damage the outside of your handbag, and then—well, you’d be sad forever and ever.
  4. Grab a dry cloth and blot that bag dry. (Leaving any water residue may leave water spots.)

And… Voila, you’re done!  Remember, keeping your handbag nice and clean is a wise economical decision as it will only prolong its use.

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