Celeb Style: Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Pannettiere

If you didn’t love the movie Scream when it first came out then, well, you’re missing out! The Scream saga’s are continuing and in April of 2011 you can expect to see Hayden Panettiere in the cast…Scream 4 aka Scre4m is back at it once again, stabbing, screaming and eerie masks at its finest!

Come on, you cannot deny that Scream didn’t begin the crazed horror movie obsession that is now running ramped throughout the US. I love horror films, but man, directors are getting a little overzealous and producing way too many less-than-quality numbers recently…Just my opinion.

But back to Hayden…If her cutesy ways get destroyed in Scream 4, then no worries, you can still get her purse! If you love her sense of style, then check out our closest comparison, the Courtney Folded Bag.

If you love having a variety of handbags to choose from in your closet, but are seriously lacking the funds to purchase more than one handbag, then ladies, do we have the solution for you! Our Courtney Folded Bag is a shoulder bag, hobo and messenger all in one neat package. The black or pink leatherette is accented with golden hardware and large functional pockets along the exterior.

Courtney Folded BagTwo distinct handles and two sets of hooks allow you to adjust the Courtney as desired. Use the shorter handle to fold over the top for a cute shoulder bag, or use the longer handle with a deeper fold for a coveted messenger look. Looking for a hobo? Attach the shorted handle to the top hook and you instantly have a slouchy hobo. The interior of this adjustable bag is covered in adorable striped fabric and includes the standard zippered pockets and pouches for your smaller items.

It’s possible that Hayden may not survive the cut in Scre4m, but at least you can still get her style from us, scratch free and without the mess!

Photo Credit: BagBliss.com

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