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Celeb Style: Vanessa Minillo’s Quilted Handbag

Where has Vanessa Minillo been these days? There was a time when I, and tweens everywhere, saw this chick on the regular via TRL (R.I.P.). Now it’s just the sporadic gossip magazine fashion shot. Oh well, I’ll take it. And if “it” is anything like the pic above, I’ll take two.

Here, Miss Minillo, does the celeb version of office casual with a grey v-neck sweater, white button-down, big ol’ shades and a classic quilted bag. This look is a chinch to dulplicate. Everyone has the first three aforementioned items in some form, so all you need is the classy lassy handbag. Happy to help. Meet the Sami Quilted Handbag. This best seller is one of my personal favorites (I have it in red), and I assure you it will quickly become one of yours too.

Photo credit: Teamsugar.com

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