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Celeb Style: Lady Gaga Defaces and Inspires

If I were to have you pick which celebrity, either male or female, would possibly deface a 5,000 dollar Hermes handbag with permanent marker as an ode to their fans, who would you pick? Of course you would say Lady Gaga! Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan only deface their bodies.

Now, not that this is earth shattering, catastrophic news, it is still quite intriguing (which seems to, unintentionally be the goal of Lady Gaga…) Intriguing as it may be, it inspired me to look further into the realm of “Lady Gaga Pursedom.”

After grueling research, I must say that despite the graffiti, her defaced Hermes purse stood out the most. It is both elegant and modern, and not to mention cute! So cute in fact, that I am dying to show you our deal-breaker comparison!  Say hello to the Broad Ripple Satchel!

This little gem comes in pewter, black, brown, navy blue and white. This satchel fits perfectly over your shoulder or in your hand.  It also comes with a longer attachable strap.

The outside of the handbag is detailed with studded gold hardware and a zipper. This decoration adds sparkle and will keep this purse hot and modern for years to come.

This smaller satchel has a zippered closure on top with two zipper pulls which allows you to open and close your handbag from either direction. The inside lining includes two open pockets and one zippered pocket for easy storage.

Now I’m sorry to say that this purse isn’t as large as Lady Gaga’s and doesn’t leave tons of room for permanent marker graffiti… But I do believe the Broad Ripple Satchel will become a staple in your wardrobe, defaced or not.

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