Ashley Olsen’s Red Handbag Saves the Day.



Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

I will never forget watching “Full House” or popular MK and Ashley movies like “Holiday In the Sun,” “New York Minute” or the “You’re Invited” musical movie series. I watched “The Case of the Seaworld Adventure” over and over at least a hundred times.

Then in 2007,  at age 16 I continued my obsession with the twins and began shopping their preppy Walmart clothing line.

Now, nearly 4 years later, the twin starlets are still filming movies, with Mary Kate in “Beastly” just this month. Along with their acting career, the twins also own several fashion lines and are continuing their fashion endeavors… or are they?

Ashley Olsen was recently spotted walking the streets of L.A. in a unique outfit. (Let’s just say the outfit isn’t something I would be caught wearing.) With all of the money the Olsens have, many find it strange the multi-billion dollar twins wear such bizarre outfits. What do you think about the outfit? Despite Ashley’s odd clothing choice (in my opinion), her red handbag was able to save the day!


The Sami Quilted Handbag can save your day too!

Sami Quilted HandbagWith its ruby red color, this handbag is able to make any outfit look good! The brass accents against the deep red add the perfect touch. The handbag can be worn with or without the brass antique chain. If you’re looking for an accessory to save your outfit woes, this bag is more than capable!

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