8 Fashion Trends to Watch for 2011

Today’s guest blogger is Jayson Jones, an art student with a focus in Fashion Design. He’s also an amateur blogger, so be sure to check out his work at Catwalk Cat Fight or follow him on Twitter. Here he sums up the top trends to look for in Spring 2011.

Rust Fashion Trend 2011If you’re interested in the fashion world, you probably try to keep up on the latest trends. That can be difficult, because there’s so much happening with fashion all the time. You may not always like the latest fashion, but you’ll want to pay attention to it anyway, so you can talk knowledgeably about it and help others see that they can dress great and not break the bank. Here are 8 fashion trends to watch for in spring 2011.

1. Airy Fabrics

Airy fabrics and light color palettes are important. Gone are the excessively dark and heavy clothing options of yesteryear. Think much more ethereal for springtime of 2011.

2. Mixed Prints

Mixing prints is a big thing for 2011, but you have to do it right. Some prints can be mixed without clashing, but others can’t. You don’t want to look like you forgot to look in the mirror — you want to look sleek, hip, and fashionable.

3. Simple Silhouettes

Simplicity in silhouettes has also become very important. You won’t see many wild designs or complicated options for spring clothing. People want things that are easy to deal with, comfortable to wear, and quick to take care of, so that’s what designers are offering them.

4. Rust Colors

It’s normally an autumn color, but now it’s being used for springtime, too. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s certainly unusual and unexpected — two things that are generally good in fashion circles.

5. Retro Themes

Don’t look now, but the 70s styles have snuck back into the clothing choices of fashion designers. The styles have been modernized and aren’t quite the same — they just hint at what they used to be.

6. High Waists

High waists and retro vibes, especially when it comes to denim, are becoming popular again. You’ll be seeing a lot of them in the springtime, when designers roll out their new looks and people start buying.

7. Sheer Fabrics

Sheer fabrics are making a huge impact on the fashion world. They can be used both under and over other things, making them both versatile and very popular with all kinds of fashion-conscious individuals.

8. Silver

Silver is more valuable than gold, at least when it comes to the color of beading and other adornments. The beading has started to show up on all kinds of materials and clothing options, and silver seems to be the color of choice. Beading is often used on nude fabrics, which is really striking.

Fashion trends change frequently, so don’t expect the things that were fashionable in 2010 to carry over. Spring 2011 trends are new and exciting. With new ideas of fashion and glamour, you will have many new options to update your wardrobe. Be sure to watch for these trends coming down the runway this spring so you can find trendy new looks that fit in with your personal style.

Image Credit: Glamour.com

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  • Reply Ana February 1, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    Jayson, what colors of handbags do you think will be most popular this spring?

  • Reply Jayson Jones February 3, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    Hi Ana,

    Thanks for the question. From what I can tell, bright candy colors will be popular – think watermelon and green apple.

    Jewel tones in the purples, and earth tones in the browns should also pop up.

    Style is subjective, though, so make it your own!

    Thanks again,

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