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Summer wedding season is in full swing, and that means that you will probably be spending a lot of time looking at wedding registries and trying on dresses. While you may not have nearly as many things to remember as the bride on her big day, there are a number of guest essentials you should carry in that adorable new clutch you will be sporting. Clutches aren’t super roomy, so be sure to keep it simple and bring only the essentials. Check out these wedding essentials, and stock up before you forget!

what to bring to a wedding

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Cosmetics — Whether you will be sweating it out at an outdoor wedding, or breaking it down on the dance floor, chances are that your makeup will be in need of a touch-up at some point during the evening. Bringing along your lipstick or lip gloss and a compact of powder is always a good idea for freshening up your look and preventing that yucky, melted look. It’s likely that any photos taken will be going on someone’s social media profile…so you want to always look your best!

Tissues — Ah, true love. There’s something about weddings that can turn even the strongest of women into a weeping mess. Have tissues on hand for yourself — or the other romantics sitting on your side of the aisle.

Mints — When the music turns up and it’s time to hit the dancefloor, you can expect that talking will only be achieved by yelling in each other’s ears. Before getting close, whether with a cute groomsman or the grandmother of the bride, be courteous and freshen up with a mint or gum.

Camera — Capture the night’s many memories on camera! Whether you bring a digital camera or simply use the one on your phone, a camera is one item you shouldn’t go to a wedding without.

Cash — You should never go anywhere without money, just to be safe. At a wedding, you may need to pay for drinks at a cash bar (don’t forget your ID, as well), or the bride and groom may have $1 dances in which guests can pay $1 to dance with them. Additionally, you never know when you will need to provide a safe ride home for someone. Cash is essential for taxi fare!

Are you headed to any summer weddings soon? What’s essential in your wedding clutch?

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