Take Me There Tuesday

We enjoyed a long weekend over here at Handbag Heaven!  Is it just me or do long weekends make you feel a little extra tired, even if you slept approximately 20 extra hours? Anyway, we’re all back in the groove, but I’m finding myself wishfully hoping I was in dreamy places like these…

french bakery

I’ll happily go anywhere that involves sweet confections like those gorgeous ones on the photo! A little cafe au lait and I’d be in heaven!

read a book in a boat

So dramatic and lovely. Reading a book here looks peaceful!

colorful beach umbrellas

Love the brightly colored umbrellas! Looks like a day of sand, sun, and lemonade!

strolling in old village

This looks like the perfect place for an afternoon stroll in a breezy sundress.

tents and candle light

Fancy tents, candle light, and evening sky. Looks dreamy!

Want to see more “take me there” places? Visit our Pinterest board inspired by lovely locales like these…

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