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Stunning Silver and Glitzy Gold

Do you have a little Yukon Cornelius in you? Chances are you’re not the greatest prospector of the North, and you can’t detect precious metals by licking an ice pick. ;) However, we’re talking about having a penchant for all things that shimmer silver and gold.

Yukon Cornelius

We rounded up the most gorgeous silver and gold inspiration we could find. So grab a lattè, turn on some Burl Ives, and take a gander at all of this gold and silver … silver and gold!

silver and gold dress

Put on the glitz this holiday season with a silver and gold bedazzled dress.

silver and gold wedding

I hear silver and gold wedding bells.

Silver and Gold cake pops

These silver and gold cakepops are a treat for your eyes and taste buds.

silver and gold dresses

Wouldn’t you love a closet full of silver and gold dresses?

silver and gold jewelry

Are you swooning over this jewelry box as much as me?

silver skirt gold belt

A girl can’t go wrong with silver tulle and a gold sash.

silver and gold nails

Dress up your nails with silver and gold polish!

silver and gold glitter

Glitter up a handbag with our DIY instructions!

silver and gold bedroom

It’s nothing but sweet dreams in this silver and gold bedroom.

silver and gold holiday

Have yourself a silver and gold holiday!

silver and gold handbags

Shop silver and gold bags: Tessa Metal Mesh Clutch / Tricia Shoulder Bag / Margaret Rhinestone Clutch / Samantha Quilted Handbag / Party Girl Clutch / Eleanor Exotic Tote

 Will you be adding some silver and gold to your holiday season?


Yukon Cornelius image from Silver and gold images from Pinterest and WeHeartIt with no direct source.
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