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How to Wear Red: NYE Edition

When I was 15, I once read: “Women who wear red lipstick smile more.” It wasn’t until I was in my 20s that this statement proved undeniably true. One swipe of rouge lipstick or swatch of red attire takes a look to classic Jean Harlow/Veronica Lake/Marilyn Monroe/Jennifer Lawrence status. Not to mention, you instantly feel more confident and happy — which describes all of that smiling. :) And if looking like Hollywood royalty wasn’t enough, wearing red is known to make you seem more magnetic and desirable to others, especially to men.

So what better night to wear this rich, gorgeous hue than on the glitziest night of the year? Here are our favorite ways to look ravishing in red this NYE:

 how to wear red


  • Go sexy with a sheer red blouse. Pair with a black tank, leather skirt, and edgy heeled booties.
  • When it comes to showing off those gorgeous gams, red cap-toe pumps paired with a mini keep your look modern and uber-glam.
  • What’s more Jean Harlow than a fur shrug in deep rouge over a winter white dress?
  • A petite red clutch hanging from a thin gold chain adds just the right oomph to every outfit, whether dressed up or dressed down. (Psst … in case you’ve fallen in love, that’s the Whitney Exotic Clutch!)
  • The must-have item in your purse on NYE? Bright red lipstick! Trust us, he’ll be thinking about kissing those luscious lips way before the ball drops.
  • A super-swanky New Year’s bash calls for a saucy little red peplum number with sequins. Why hello, gorgeous.
  • If you’re looking for subtle pop of color, try a red statement necklace in punchy shapes like spikes, squares, or studs.
  • For an upscale soiree or to jazz up a favorite blouse, grab a pair of ruby drop earrings and channel your inner screen siren.
  • There’s nothing more sultry-femme than pairing delicate lace fabrics with fire engine hues. Keep your party top simple and tuck it into a red lacy skirt.
  • It’s not officially NYE without sparkly digits! Red glitter nail polish makes clinking those champagne glasses feel even more luxurious.

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