Ravishing Red!

Want to make a bold statement this Valentine’s Day? Look no further than the most classic Valentine color: red! No matter if you’ve got a red-hot date or you plan to paint the town red with girlfriends, you’ll look nothing short of sassy donning some fire engine shades on Valentine’s Day. Read on for some tips and tricks to pull of the boldest of colors.

red fashion

  • Red is the color of love. It physically stimulates the heart and causes faster breathing. That’s why red roses, red lips, and rosy cheeks are signs of romance. Ooooo lala!
  • When wearing red, choose a bold statement piece and offset it with muted shades. Pair that sassy red dress with some opaque black tights. Or, pair a bold red sweater with a sweet neutral skirt.
  • If red clothes aren’t your cup a tea, why not break out some red accessories? Red pumps with a little black dress shake things up, as does a red turban hat with your demure black pea coat.
  • Make a real statement with a cherry-hued handbag. Our red quilted handbag is simply posh, while the Tori Satchel Tote with its gold tone hardware is only for the glamorous. You could also tuck a bright red wallet into a basic black handbag for an unexpected pop of color.
  • Round out your Valentine’s Day ensemble with bright red nail polish — splash some glitter polish over your ring fingers for some glitz. And make your lips look kissable with red lipstick, if you dare!

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