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Spoiler Alert! Tomorrow Night’s Pretty Little Liars Winter Premiere

pretty little liars

Are you ready for more Pretty Little Liars? Fans of Rosewood’s drama and suspense are counting down the hours until the winter premiere tomorrow night. I know I have many burning questions I can’t wait to see answered. When is Spencer going to discover Toby’s true colors? Why does Mr. Fitz look so suspicious? What’s up with Aria’s dad? Who trapped Aria in that crate with Garrett’s body (ew)? And why was Ali’s body on the train in the drink cooler (double ew)?

To gear up, let’s remember where we left off with Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna, and take a sneak peak at what each PLL will be wearing in tomorrow night’s episode:

pretty little liars winter premier

The mid-season premier titled “She’s Better Now” will focus on how the Liars deal with Mona being released from Radley Sanitarium and attending Rosewood High. They’re skeptical if the previously evil and conniving Mona can be trusted. Each Liar has her own opinion about the new Mona.

pretty little liars winter premier


Spencer Hastings Clothes

Spencer’s family always seems to be at the center of Ali drama, and now her boyfriend Toby is double-crossing Spencer by working for the A-Team. In the Halloween episode, Spencer is one of the last people Garrett talks to before he dies. Garrett reveals to her that he did not kill Ali. He only pretended to kill her in front of blind Jenna, but later saw Aria’s dad Byron and Ali having an incriminating conversation. Shew!

Tomorrow night we’ll be seeing Spencer dressed as classic and classy as always in a grey cardigan, ruffled tank, green hi-low skirt, ankle-strap flats, and a watch.


aria montgomery clothes

Aria spent most of the Halloween episode trapped in a crate with Garrett’s dead body. Now, while she was definitely the victim in that situation, I’ve been hearing some pretty compelling evidence that Aria is A. (I’d love to hear your thoughts on that.) Besides that, how can we explain Ali’s late-night run-in with Aria’s dad the night she was killed? Not to mention, Aria’s boyfriend Ezra looks as guilty as all-get-out at the end of the Halloween episode. Plus, where are they going with the storyline that he has a secret son? There are some suspicious things happening in the Montgomery family.

Tomorrow night we’ll be seeing Aria looking as eclectic as ever in mixed leopard prints, stripes, a pink bag, and tall white heels.


emily fields clothes

I hope A takes it easy on Emily for the rest of the season. After Maya’s death, girlfriend drama with Paige, and nearly being killed by crazy Nate, the poor girl needs a break! But let’s be real, A doesn’t take it easy on any of them. I’m placing bets that Paige knows more about the A-Team than she lets on. I know I’m having a hard time trusting Paige. She did try to drown Emily, after all!

Emily’s style has definitely evolved over the series. She’s gone from sporty wallflower to edgy with a hint of glam. Tomorrow night Emily will be wearing a rocker tank, a moto jacket, layered necklaces, black jeans, boots, and a grey satchel.


Hanna Marin clothes

Who else can’t get enough of Hanna and Caleb (Haleb)? Caleb always seems to be there to save the day for the girls, and I love how their storyline is playing out. But what’s up with Hanna’s mom, Ashley? They’re giving her and boyfriend Ted quite a bit of air time, especially during the Halloween episode when the little ghost girl is in Ashley’s house. Everyone who also reads the Pretty Little Liars book series can only assume that this is the ghost of Ali’s twin.

Tomorrow night, always-trendy Hanna will be wearing a blue polka dot dress, a blazer, bold jewelry, a color-block bag, and strappy heels.

What questions do you want answered during the winter premiere? I know I’ll be on the lookout for a male character with a bandaged hand.  Remember that a guy and a girl were trying to push the crate holding Garrett’s corpse and Aria off the train. Aria stabbed the guy’s hand with a screwdriver, which will surely show up bandaged tomorrow night.

pretty little liars season 3 promo

Notice the handcuffs on Aria’s ankles. Is this a sign of guilt?

Image source: ABCFamily

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