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Hey guys and gals, Sarah here! As the season of gathering continues, any seasoned party planner (or party go-er) knows that food draws a good crowd. Whether you’re new to entertaining and/or cooking, Pinterest has fabulous party food ideas! If you’re throwing any kind of party it can be slightly overwhelming to prepare an entire meal, especially with a larger group. I recommend offering a variety of finger foods. Not only is it a bit easier to guess how many you’ll need, you’re offering a great variety! I can personally vouch for all of these recipes listed, because I’ve made them all. And there’s no shame in admitting that I wasn’t entertaining a crowd when I made ANY of these recipes. But hey, I was testing {and coincidentally eating crowd portion sizes} :-)


spinich mac and cheese muffinsInspiration:

Spinach Macaroni Bites: Your guests will applaud your for your ability to make macaroni healthy and equally delicious. But, like I said, this made a great treat for little ol’ me! I also added breadcrumbs for a bit of crisp.


sweet apple appetizerInspiration:

Apple Nachos: Healthy and sweet nachos? Sign me up! I love how this treat is so easy to eat and has the perfect balance of crunch, sweetness, and a hint of salt with those nuts. It makes for a great presentation too!


artichoke appetizer Inspiration:

Artichoke Bread: I LOVE this twist on artichoke dip, one of my favorite appetizers! It reminds me of cheesy bread, thick warm and gooey! Your friends will love this treat!


buffalo chicken bites



Buffalo Chicken Bites: OH MY GOODNESS these are to die for. I made them for my husband on a Sunday and he was still talking about them a week later. They were a huge hit! This recipe has a few steps but it’s not too complicated and definitely worth it! For the shredded chicken I ended up boiling chicken breasts and then using my Kitchenaid mixer to shred the chicken. No biggie if you don’t own a Kitchenaid mixer, shredding with a fork and knife works too!


mini crab cake recipeInspiration:

Mini Crab Cakes: Saving the best for last with this one. I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I made the full 48 servings and my husband and I polished off nearly all of them for dinner one night. NOT PROUD to say it but they were amazingly delicious. This one did take more steps than I’d like, but clearly it was worth it. And they look super fancy and cutesy {aka will impress all of your party guests} and make presentation really fun!

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