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Rock on With Fringe and Studs

Fashion keeps getting recycled and reinvented every few decades. It seems like the turn for the rock chic look to make a comeback after decades. Fringe and studs are back ifringen the market, and how! They are big especially in handbags, with top designers coming out with bags with fringes or studded patterns for classy handbags. Continue Reading

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DIY: Store Your Handbags in Style

bOur love of handbags has lead to somewhat of a mess around our place. With all kinds of bag styles and sizes, we needed a solution to care for our purses better. After searching online for a pre-packaged solution, we decided to make our own. We wanted something fun and unique that would show our personal fashion. We also figured we weren’t the only ones with this problem so we came up with a solution and documented our journey so you can create your own! Continue Reading

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How to Maintain your Handbag

Bags, especially designer bags are nothing short of an investment, and like most investments need care and ought to be top priority. Getting rid of smudges and stains that invariSpring-cleaning-5.16.13_single-use-onlyably develop on bags during the course of wear will keep your bag looking pristine and in mint condition for years to come.

Ensure your favorite fashion accessories are well taken care of and enjoy the satisfaction of being a conscientious bag owner. Here are a few simple and quick remedies to rid of common stains formed often on bags. Just bear in mind to spot test the technique on a corner or unseen part of your bag first. Continue Reading

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Officially Great

Basic-Work-Outfits-for-Office-Wear-2013-2014-1Often choosing an outfit to the office can get into a rut with the same accessories and pieces that come back into rotation without inventive additions or changes. Transform everyday style with the simple change of a handbag that completely reinvents your look at the office.

Introduce tasteful style and color to mundane days at the office with fun and playful ways to express individual creativity in bags that bring out the best side of your personality.

Earn the respect of your colleagues with office wear that commands attention and appreciation. Here are a few office style guides to make a marked impression at work. Continue Reading