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What Size of Purse Are You?


The Clutch
A girl that’s put together and fashionably late must be “the clutch” She’s sharp, doesn’t take no for an answer, and always has a credit card to pay for her must haves. Don’t worry guys, this girl is independent and will always be one to take care of herself.

The Mini Me
This girl is prepared for her lipstick to wipe off from a starbucks cup of coffee, so she must indeed carry her lipsticks. Always looking fresh and ready to take on whatever hottie comes to talk to her and swipe her off of her feet. Smart, she knows a fake when she see’s one… Sweet is her middle name, and her sense of humor is intriguing.

“The Norm”
Say hello to the everday sized handbag, this girl is not just any girl though. Diveristy sure enough sets in. Her bag is filled anywhere from her make up bag to her favorite book. Her belongings are very important to keep around because when things get boring, she’s prepared.

The Tote-ally Prepared
Okay, so she must have kids or must have her life with her. Reguardless, not a thing is missing wherever she may go. Moms, I mean I totally get it, you need to keep the kids under control! They will scream and cry at you, and no kid ladies, I get you too. Who doesn’t want to have everything they need when they need it? Maybe I should consider carrying my tote around!

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Clutch Craze! Practical and Sexy!

Look for exotic animal prints, patent leather in vibrant colors, and extra “flash” such as exposed zippers and big buckles. These little accessories will not only take up less space – they’ll complete your outfit! They also make great gifts for sisters and girl friends. (A nice clutch can be the perfect graduation present, if you’re still looking!)

Check out what we recommend for after hours outings.

Flex Wallet

Sienna Flex Wallet

Shoulder Clutch

Reagan Shoulder Clutch

Colorblock Clutch

Winnit Colorblock Clutch

Exotic Wallet

Peyton Exotic Wallet

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Best Bags for a Black-tie Event

Got a formal work dinner, a grand social event or a big wedding? Choosing the right accessories for a black-tie event is critical! The right handbag can take your look from pedestrian to black-tie chic.

Keep it small

Studded Wristlet Wallet

Large oversized bags have no place at formal events. Carry a wallet, wristlet or clutch to fit your black-tie dress code. The right evening bag will have compartments for your credit cards, lipstick and phones, but don’t overstuff your evening bag just because you can. Opt for miniature versions of your powder, mascara and lipstick. The key is sticking to the minimum! We like the Kate Studded Wristlet because of its size, flexibility, and great visual appeal. Hint – it’s also got a matching mini handbag, in case you want the set! The Kate Mini Studded Handbag is one of our most favorite mini handbags!! It totally reminds us of the Michael Kors Selma bag, or this Valentino bag without the huge pricetag. Continue Reading