Gifts for Mom


I am so excited that it’s the weekend. I can’t believe it will be MAY! May= Mothers day! Another holiday… another gift! I love mothers day, moms are awesome and deserve a lot more than just a card for all that they do! I always wait last minute to find the perfect gift because I have ran out of ideas. Below, I added some fun Mothers day gift ideas!

  1. A new handbag and card
  2. Flowers and a new wallet
  3. A night out
  4. spa day
  5. Perfume

There are so many fun gifts you can give your mom to show her how much you appreciate her! I added some of my favorite handbags down below that I know your mom will love:






Thanks for reading and I hope this has helped give you a gift idea! Have a great weekend! Xo

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Top 5 handbag colors

We did some digging and discovered the top 5 handbag colors to invest in now. Whether you have some money to blow or prefer to channel the trends for less, allow us to introduce you to the must-have hues for your closet!

  1. Black
  2. brown
  3. white
  4. red
  5. blue

Let’s start talking about black handbags! EVERYONE LOVES BLACK! It’s sexy, sophisticated and it goes with anything! Black is just a great color all around. It’s important to have a more neutral bag to go with your  classy outfits.

KeeganPocketSatchel2 (1)


Who has a brown handbag? I do! Brown is more of a neutral color as well. A brown handbag goes well with earthly colors and goes with a more causal look.

LizExoticCrocTote4 (2)

White! Oh how I love white! It’s so clean and nice looking. White goes with everything just like black does. White is a more fun color and goes great for any season! I love using my white handbag when I am wearing a brighter shirt!

SophieStructuredSatchel11 (1)


Red is number 4 on the list! Red is flirty and romantic. I like to use my red handbag when I am wearing a black dress! It pops and it looks so nice and classy! It would be perfect for a night out! Check out Reese Witherspoon looking adorable as ever with her red handbag!


And last but not least… BLUE! Blue is such an eye drawing color! You will stand out in a crowd anywhere. Blue goes great with any outfit!



Thanks for reading guys! Check back next Friday for another blog post! XO


Aprils showers bring… BRIGHT handbags!

You can never go wrong with a bright handbag! Spring and summer are so fun and happy! You need a bright handbag to go along with your mood!


Use your pink handbag when you are feeling sassy or romantic! Pink is such a fun, girly color.  Pink represents compassion, nurturing and love. It relates to unconditional love and understanding. In color psychology, pink is a sign of hope. It is a positive color inspiring warm and comforting feelings, a sense that everything will be okay. Plus, pink looks great on every woman!

PinkHandbag (1)

Red handbags are great when you feel confident and want to make a statement! Red is energizing. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action. It signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination.

CherylColorblock (2)

Blue handbags are perfect when you are feeling calm and relaxed. Blue is the color of the mind and is essentially soothing; it affects us mentally, rather than the physical reaction we have to red. Time and again in research, blue is the world’s favorite color!



Green handbags are for when you are feeling balanced and happy. Green strikes the eye in such a way as to require no adjustment whatever and is, therefore, restful. Being in the center of the spectrum, it is the color of balance – a more important concept than many people realize.

RoslynPerforatedClutch5 (1)


Orange handbags are perfect when you feel happy, fun and passionate! Since it is a combination of red and yellow, orange is stimulating and the reaction to it is a combination of the physical and the emotional. It focuses our minds on issues of physical comfort – food, warmth, shelter etc. – and sensuality. It is a fun color!

McKenzieColorblockBag (1)

Colors are fun and have so much meaning and feelings it can bring out. You can never have to many handbags! You never know how you might feel one day! (; Having options are the best! Handbag heaven is having a sale on all of their bright colored handbags right now! Use code: bright20 to receive 20% off. XO

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Get W I L D with animal prints!

Hi guys! Welcome back and Happy Friday! Are you doing anything fun this weekend?! I am! I’m going to buy a new purse for spring and I am so excited! Handbag Heaven is having a sale on all of their animal print handbags! Yeah… SALE! Go to their website and check them out! Awesome deals and awesome bags! I can’t wait to get mine!

AnimalPrintsSaleHBH (2)

Woohoo! Get your cute handbag for 20% off right now! Don’t miss out on this wild sale! I added some of my fav animal print handbags down below, check them out:


GracieSnakeskinBowlerSatchel3 (1)


BriannePythonSnakeskinTote3 (1)






We love animal prints! Thanks for reading, now get shopping! XO


Sitewide SALE

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday. :) I hope you all had a great and fun Easter! Our handbag team ate lots of yummy food and searched for eggs!

Did any of you get a new handbag or wallet in your Easter basket? I hope you did! Everyone needs a new purse for spring and summer! Right now, Handbag Heaven is having a sitewide SALE! Everything is 20% off! YAY! Use code: spring20 at check out to receive the discount!

Brighten up your spring and summer days with our spring selection!

I added some of my very favorite handbags below, check them out:




GracieSnakeskinBowlerSatchel3 (1)




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Thanks for reading! Happy shopping! xoxo