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I Really Heart You: Quotes and Inspirations

Love is hard to quantify: there are no classes teaching you how to love and who to love; it’s just a feeling we know exists because it fills our hearts with everything wonderful.  And on Valentine’s Day, when we’re encouraged to find those perfect words for those we care about, the pressure might leave us a little more than tongue-tied.

Consider this list of quotes our Valentine’s gift to you. Whether you jot one down for your significant other, pin this for your gal pals, frame one for your mother, or just need a little reminder for yourself (we all could at one time or another), let these small sayings spark your feelings and desires for those you love. And most importantly, let them inspire and empower you to love the most important person on that list: You.

Excuse us for the first one, but we just couldn’t help ourselves! :)

Pretty soon, these quotes won’t be words stuck to paper or stored on a computer screen, they’ll become a part of you, lingering there day after day until you need them the most.

After all, these expressions aren’t meant for one day, they’re meant for always. ♥

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