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Prevent Summer’s Top 5 Beauty Blunders

Oh the joys of summer: bronze skin, sun-bleached hair, and perfectly manicured toes to fit into your cute little sandals. Unfortunately, our best beauty secrets can quickly turn into our worst beauty nightmares!

Take a look at these summer beauty missteps to find out how you can prevent them and maintain your status as a summer goddess:

Oh, Kim! Avoid Summer's Biggest Beauty Blunders

1. Awkward tan lines

So you found an adorable swimsuit with thick straps or cute little cutouts, and you’re super pumped to rock it at the pool. Unfortunately, you didn’t think about the tan lines it might leave behind afterwards — Eek! If you wear a lot of strapless or sleeveless tops, shop around for a bandeau bikini or strapless one piece. Nowadays, many swimsuits even come with removable straps for basking in the sun.

2. Sunglasses Sunburn

Oh, Kim … we’d say this is a pretty big beauty blunder! While we never recommend going into the sun without sunscreen, there is still a chance that you’ll get a sunburn. Be aware of how long you stay in the sun and be sure to reapply sunscreen every so often if you are exposed for very long. Also, be sure to remove your sunglasses in intervals to prevent the raccoon look so dashingly (not) worn by the middle Kardashian sister.

3. Damaged Hair

From spending time in the sun to overexposure to saltwater and chlorine, your hair can become über damaged in the summertime. If you are a blonde and plan to spend lots of time at the pool this summer, look for shampoo and conditioner that offers chlorine color protection. Regardless of your hair color, looking for products with SPF in them is also a necessity, and be sure to invest in a nice repairing mask to use once a week.

4. An Over-Tan

Whether you spend hours in the sun or go the sunless route, being too tan or overly streaky is never a good thing. Limit your time in the sun, and be sure to wear at least SPF 30. If you avoid the sun and layer on the self-bronzer, be sure to use an exfoliant and moisturizer to prevent your skin from turning 50 shades of orange!

5. Unsightly Feet

Want to avoid dry, calloused feet, but don’t have money to spend on a salon pedicure? Head to the drugstore and invest in a pumice stone and some foot cream to keep your heels and toes soft and pretty!


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