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Gifts for the Haute Holiday Hostess

From swanky soirees to casual cocktail parties, your holiday hangouts will be plentiful this season. Now that your social calendar is starting to fill up, you’ll need to grab a thoughtful gift for the holiday hostess. Whether it’s a best friend, coworker, cousin, gal pal, or even your mama, it’s the polite thing to do — especially when she’s doing so much to make sure you’re having a good time.

While a bottle of wine is the perfect go-to, we know how hard it is to get creative with gift-giving. A hostess gift should be something small and not too expensive, but thoughtful enough to say, “Thank you for all you do.” Here are our picks for the haute holiday hostess:

hostess gifts for the holidays


1. Glitter Polish — Give her a posh nail lacquer that’s perfect for seasonal festivities. Whether you choose a chic pink or another hue, just make sure it’s full of glittery-goodness!

2. Cute Cards — Aren’t these Kate Spade cards to die for? Your holiday hostess will love getting punchy note cards that are sure to spread the cheer with every use.

3. Scented Candle — Umm … the name of this scented candle already has our mouths watering. Grab a delicious candle in her favorite dessert flavor so she can savor it all year round.

4. Clever Dishtowels — Dishtowels fall into the category of things you need, but never want to actually buy, which makes it even more perfect to give as a hostess gift! We love this conversion towel from Crate & Barrel — such a clever idea for the kitchen!

5. Festive Soap — Give her a yummy soap in scents like candy cane or sugar plum fairy to make her bubble baths uber-festive, too. You’re also giving her a reason to kick back and relax during the most stressful season.

6. Chalkboard Tray — How cute is this cheese tray? Give your hostess something she can use for her next soiree!

7. Bright Baubles — Every lady loves a pair of jewels! Say thanks with jewel-toned studs in her favorite winter hue.

8. Wine Glasses — We interviewed quite a few gals here at Handbag Heaven, and wine glasses were a unanimous gift favorite. Hey, we like our wine (especially in pretty glasses)!

9. Quirky Bookends — Give your hostess something to dress up those shelves! You can find these “literal bookends” at Modcloth, and you might just have to send one our way, too. ;)

10. Sparkly Clutch — There’s nothing more fitting for a haute holiday hostess than a sparkly clutch. Tell her to wear it on NYE!

11. Animal Magnets — Animal magnets are all over Pinterest these days, and we just can’t get enough of these quirky-little-things! Whether you DIY or buy them online, your hostess will love placing these on her fridge or desk.

12. Pretty Ornament — Get your gal pal a gorgeous holiday ornament. Try to find one with embellishments or glitter so that it catches her eye when she plugs in the tree lights!

13. Cocktail Guide — A cute little cocktail book is the perfect coffee table companion for your haute holiday hostess. We’ll take a Cosmo, please!

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