Recipe Remix: Healthier Versions of Your Favorite Foods

It happens every spring. Somehow, bathing suit season sneaks up on me. I’m forced to hit the gym like a mad woman and start substituting my fried foods for fresh veggies–all the things I should do religiously year-round. If you’re anything like me you’ll enjoy today’s round-up of healthy versions of America’s favorite comfort foods. I hope that they get your taste-buds watering and give you a few ideas for tonight’s dinner. And remember, no feeling guilty after two (or three) of these chocolate chip cookies.

Healthy Comfort Foods


Chili is a staple in many homes. It’s simple to make, delicious, and makes great leftovers. Skinny Taste took the traditional chili recipe and turned it upside down by substituting lean ground turkey for ground beef, and stuffing it full of veggies and ingredients lower in sodium than their original counterparts. Check out this healthy recipe and enjoy!

The Burger

There’s nothing like a good burger to complete a summer night’s dinner. Try something new by substituting delicious sweet potatoes for the traditional red meat burger. Healthy Happy Life shared a recipe for sweet potato veggie burgers. These delicious burgers are stuffed full of fiber, protein, and vitamins thanks to the sweet potato, beans, and spices. Top them off with avacado, lettuce, onion, and whatever yummy additions your heart desires. These are a cookout must-have!

Macaroni and Cheese

I don’t think a week passed when I didn’t have mac ‘n cheese growing up—not that I’m complaining. This American classic is delicious, and not especially good for you. Give Martha Steweart’s updated version of macaroni and cheese a try! It calls for pureed squash and skim ricotta cheese, and trust me, this is one tasty update!


What family doesn’t love pizza? None. Try this quick lavash pizza from Skinny Taste and satisfy that ‘za craving. This recipe uses the Middle Eastern flatbread, Lavash, which can be found at your local grocery store. Divy up the dough and let your kids (or hubby) create their own personal pizza. This family bonding experience is not only fun, but low in calories!

Apple Pie

No holiday is complete without a delicious apple pie for dessert! Unfortunately, the original is full of buttery and sugary goodness that isn’t always good for you. That’s Fit rennovated the recipe though, subsitituting half of the apples for fiber-rich jicama, opting for Splenda instead of sugar, and creating a whole-wheat crust that’s low in butter. Try this recipe out for your next family dinner!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Go visit one of my favorite food bloggers, Chocolate Covered Katie to see her take on America’s favorite cookie. Katie subsitutes healthier baking ingredients like oat flour and uses far less sugar and oil in her chocolate chip recipe. I’ve tried many of her recipes in the past and they’ve all been absolutely delicious; she won’t let you down!

Have a happy healthy weekend!

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