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Handbag Shopping Guide: Weddings

Wedding season is here! Lots of brides are busily putting the last touches on their plans for the perfect day, and plenty of us, if we aren’t the bride herself, get to look forward to being a bridesmaid or guest!

Maybe “handbag” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think wedding, but it can actually be an important part of the day!  If you’re a guest, while you’re looking for a cute dress to wear (of course any color except white – that’s just for the bride!), you should also be looking for a cute clutch or purse for your camera, tissues, and a scrap of paper and pen – to jot down the number of that cute cousin-of-the-groom across the table!

Sometimes the best clutch inspiration can come from the stars.  Here is Emmy Rossum strutting their stuff with an adorable black clutch.

emmy rossum clutch

When it comes to black clutches, a big accent can really make the bag, like with our Tabitha Bow Convertible Clutch:

black clutch, bow accent clutch

This bag would really be perfect for any occasion, from a graduation, to a party, to a wedding…maybe even for the bride at her rehearsal dinner!

Speaking of the bride, a cute tote bag or purse is an absolute wedding day essential – to store all those emergency supplies: the hair pins, snacks, a penny for your shoe, something borrowed, something blue – you know what I mean!  Plus you can work in your favorite bright color or pattern, or just another pretty detail into the day with a nice handbag.

It can be fun and casual or elegant and formal, whatever style you prefer.  Two good but very different options for this purpose are the polka dot tote or the posey mini shoulder bag:

red tote bag, polka dog tote bag shoulder bag bow accent

And (hint hint) these can make great bridesmaid gifts too!

So whether you’ll be the one walking down the aisle this summer or just one of the girls hoping to catch the bouquet when it’s tossed, happy wedding handbag shopping!

photo credit: purseblog.com, nymag.com

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