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Francophile Fever!

Do you dream of the Eiffel Tower? Is Amélie your favorite movie? Are wine and cheese your favorite indulgences? You may be a Francophile. I know I am! France is a beautiful country, full of beautiful people, and beautiful things — including fashion. French fashion has a soft, sweet feel that is extra feminine, and let’s face it, I am just a sucker for pretty, girly things! Here are a few of my favorite things…oui, oui!


First of all, who wouldn’t fall in love with a landscape like this? Fashion inspiration is already forming in my brain as I gaze at the La Grande Roue and majestic Eiffel Tower…

french fashion

french fashion

L: Oh là là! This lovely lady is wearing what I envision as the epitome of French fashion. A perfectly tailored, A-line dress (a shape made known as the “most wanted silhouette in Paris” by designer Christian Dior in the 1950s), classic heels, and fancy structured handbag are a classic, ladylike look. Steal the look with this structured ladylike satchel!

R: This look combines a tailored blazer, high-waisted skirt, and neck-tied blouse — with stripes, of course! French fashion staples, stripes, and neck-adorning blouses are a go-to look for those interested in channeling their inner Francophile!

french fashion

eiffel tower fashion

L: French ladies are known for layering in an effortlessly chic way. Channel this posh Parisian look with a knitted beret, scarf, blazer, shift dress, layered necklaces, tights, booties, and a foldover bag.

R: True Parisian elegance! Complete with the Eiffel Tower in the background, this frilly, pink beauty has a modern European style that I absolutely adore! When choosing formal wear with a French twist, remember that it’s all in the details! Look for lace, corset tops, ruffles, feathers, and hints of sparkle.

laduree macarons

Is there anything prettier than a macaron? Available in a rainbow of beautiful colors and delicious flavors, these sweet treats are readily available at specialty bakeries near you. Treat yourself to a few of these colorful cookies along with café au lait to feel the essence of a true French lifestyle!

Do you fancy France as much as we do?

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