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Risk-taking Tuesday

I’m feeling a bit gutsy when it comes to fashion lately. Normally I admire funky trends from afar, but ever since I pulled off this red lip look and have been scouting different trends on Pinterest, I’ve been feeling risky. I’m talking neon nails and funky head scarves — things I don’t normally go for, but really love. Here are some looks that have been on my radar lately, and I’m feeling just bold enough to try them out.

neon yellow nail polish

Bold, but fun choice. I’m not sure I’m ready to spring for an all-neon ensemble quite yet, but I could totally go for neon nails. {source}

arm party bracelets

I seriously love a good arm party, but when I go to stack bracelets I feel a little silly. I’m just gonna go for it next time, because it’s awesome! Not sure if I’ll wear bangles on both arms, but I’m taking inspiration from the photo above! {source}

color block red and pink outfit
A long-time fan of the colorblock, I haven’t actually attempted the look with bold colors like Taylor from Sterling Style. I need to incorporate a good bold skirt or pair of colored denim to pull this off. This spring, I’ll do it!

high bun hairdo

I’ve tried the ballerina bun before, but it took me awhile to wear it out in public. I’m used to having lots of hair in my face so pulling it all back in a high topknot made me a bit nervous. But, I was thrilled with how it turned out! So chic! {source}

beachy head scarf

Can I just tell you, I’m obsessed with this head scarf and aviator combo! It looks so movie star, don’t you think? Although easy to pull off, I’m a tad wary. But I’m resolving to wear one with a maxi skirt this summer! It looks too good not to try.

Do you have any trends you’re a little nervous to try? Let me encourage you to take a risk and go for it! It’s the daring girls who get noticed :-)

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