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Our least-favorite equation in college: a modest budget + a plethora of social events = dwindling wardrobe choices as the semester progresses. College gals solve their fair share of problems in the classroom, so we’re giving your beautiful brain a break and solving this wardrobe dilemma for you. The answer? Mix and match your clothes in fun ways to create fresh looks for every occasion.

HHU talks to one campus cutie who is a pro at converting her favorite clothing from daytime chic to nightlife glam — and back again.

Ashley Jones is a hardworking freshman at Indiana University (IU) majoring in nursing. Her jam-packed schedule leaves little time for shopping sprees and indecisive outfit selections. With her closet space cut in half when she moved into her IU dorm room, she quickly (and creatively!) learned to mix and match clothes to avoid a repetitive look on campus.

Check out the adorable way Ashley styles her blazer, tights, and shoes to create day and night looks:

day to night style

Ashley’s favorite daytime accessory is a cute headband or hat to control her ringlet curls. “My long, curly hair is difficult to maintain, so headbands and hats have been lifesavers at IU, especially for my 8 a.m. class,” she says.

Chilly walks to class haven’t stopped her from wearing her favorite shorts and dresses on campus this fall. “I have been pairing fun tights and leggings with my dresses so that I can wear them all year round.  It’s an inexpensive alternative to pants,” says Ashley.

day to night style

After a long day of running around campus, Ashley simply takes off her fedora, lets down her hair, and substitutes her casual black shorts and fitted t-shirt for a timeless lace dress. Ashley adores lace fabric because it’s versatile no matter the season. “Lace, when paired with the right accessories, looks so dainty and cute, but with a blazer, skinny jeans, and some chunky jewelry, the fabric is transformed into a casual look, too,” she says.

She also swapped her fun feather earrings and watch for a sweet necklace and bracelet set. The soft shades of pink in her day and night jewelry match her eye-catching mesh tights and floral blazer cuffs. She is so ready for the nightlife scene!

day to night college wardrobe chic

Whether dressing for day or night, Ashley has words of fashion wisdom for HHU gals: “It’s important to stay classy yet comfortable as often as possible in college. I don’t believe in the old saying, ‘beauty is pain.’ Strive to look stylish without sacrificing your comfort or bank account. Don’t forget that you can never go out of style!

Remember to think outside of the box to extend the life of your wardrobe! Some of the most complimented looks have resulted from mixing and matching clothes and accessories in unconventional ways.

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