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The History Of Handbags

History of Handbags


What… Handbags have a history? I was awed too don’t worry, it’s actually amazing how handbags were once a welcome from a groom to his bride centuries ago. Personally, I wouldn’t mind a purse as a gift from my husband, a girls gotta have her stuff. (Especially hoarding sweets around, that’s right…  I caught you.(; ) So future husband, take my hand, and gimme that purse!


15th Century 

15th Century Handbag


During the 15th century is when men gave women handbags as a wedding gift, typically embroidered with an illustration showing their love for them. But wait a second, if I’m going to get purse from my husband (hint hint) I’d truly appreciate a leather one. I don’t need your illustration of love, I’m marrying you right? I know you already love me. I mean… you do love me, right? Good. I’m glad we see eye to eye, now I can reward you with the candy bar I’ll have stored in my new purse. (;

16/17th Century 

16th and 17th Century Handbag

16-17th century small leather pouches were introduced with a drawstring to loop into your belt.  Ok, so we are getting closer to leather. Mmm the smell of leather, hear that husband? I like the smell of leather.

18th Century

18th Century Handbag

The 18th century was very common material for fashionable bags that were split, ironed flat, and mounted onto wood, leather, cardboard, or cloth. Through the heating of the straw embellishments, they would add granules of gold or stains of color to vary the style. (oh lalala I like gold) Leather (hello gorgeous!) made it easier to travel. So I’m hearing leather makes it easier to travel… Hmm if that’s the case, husband we could travel and travel, but now I think I might want some gold added for color. (;

19th Century 

19th Century Handbag

Aw ha, so we have now found ourselves to my personal favorite the victorian/19th century. So unique right? These handbags were made to coordinate with your outfit, they called them ridicules. They were leather (yay leather) and silk. You know what, husband? I’d love silk sheets, let’s live in luxury shall we?

Did you know?

  • Men wore handbags as often as women did.
  • Women wanted purses that would not be bulky or untidy in appearance, so reticules were designed.
  • In France originally reticules were popular, but they eventually crossed over into Britain, and were named “indispensables”.
  • During the Industrial Revolution, clutches, pouches, and handbags became the increase in travel by railway in England.




15th century

16th century

18th century

19th century 


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Ways to Wear Rompers

unnamed (5)

Hello ladies and maybe gentlemen (I’m not judging.(; ) Rompers can honestly be a difficult sometimes, if it doesn’t fit properly it can make you lose your shape. You wanna make sure the waistline fits on your waist, not too high or too low. If it’s too flowly of a fabric, it can make you look like you rolled out of bed in a pair of your PJ’s. Not another one of those “#WokeUpLikeThis” because, no you did not! Accessorizing them can be a pain in the butt… Don’t give up on hope! Here’s Handbag Heaven‘s favorites of dressing a romper up. Outfits were created with our favorite, polyvore.

Boho Chic

unnamed (6)

Who doesn’t love a bohemian summer look and a cute clutch to tag along? Fringy layers are so fun and  “fetch.” Don’t worry Gretchen we agree with you, we are making it happen. (;

Pink Rose

unnamed (4)

Be flowy and frilly in the cute way, not the pajama way! Dressing up with belts is an excellent way to hold your body shape if the romper takes that away from you. Oh, don’t foget Minnie, she’s here to help carry your necessities in style.

Sexy yet Classy

unnamed (8)

Ow ow! Got a date, a party, or just a night out with the friends? Long legged rompers are perfect for nice dressed events. You don’t always have to go with that dress that may, or may not draw attention when the breeze catches you, or fits so tight it crawls up your legs as you walk and sit down… I know I’ll take that, pass and, go with the sliming romper. Isn’t that right, Lola?





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Clutch Craze! Practical and Sexy!

Look for exotic animal prints, patent leather in vibrant colors, and extra “flash” such as exposed zippers and big buckles. These little accessories will not only take up less space – they’ll complete your outfit! They also make great gifts for sisters and girl friends. (A nice clutch can be the perfect graduation present, if you’re still looking!)

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