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Bags and Sneakers – Hit or Miss?

tumblr_mjery2duWo1qd52tpo1_500The rise of street style has sparked the ingenuity and streaks of fashion trends. An eclectic mix of pure street mixed with posh looks have surfaced all across the world with amazing combinations that are simply too cool.

Bring your favorite looks together and step out in the comfort of your flat and easy sneakers. Get around town in style and completely at ease with the many combinations fun sneakers and bags have to add to your unique stylistic element. Continue Reading

Fashion, Featured Handbags

Fashion Cure All

mirb3Instant remedies to outfits that need a snappy and dressy pick me up can be found in the doctor’s bag. These fashion cure-alls add structure, charm and carry the ability to define any type of look. Ideal in its polished and refined design in every way, get on the doctor bag trend that has earned a place in the wardrobes and hearts of fashionistas the world over.

Liven up every day combinations with a quick fixer-upper found in the doctor bag. Composed, stolid and ever handy, these delightful structured pieces are reminiscent of an old world charm revamped with fresh and modern approach. Carry them with absolutely any kind of look and brighten up your outfit. Continue Reading

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Locked in Style

chambray shirtPerhaps the most fun part about a handbag is the way it shuts and opens. Easy access and fuss free is certainly preferred means in fashion now a day, an even more so with handbags. Innovative and playful approaches to retro ways of locking things up in fashion have resurfaced in the kiss-lock, turn-lock, and buckle snaps to name a few.

Designed with authentic class and top craftsmanship, traditional lock bags are basic must haves to stylish wardrobes. Here are a few creative combinations to match with your elegant lock creations. Continue Reading

Fashion, Featured Handbags

Handbags to Better Your Style

c667b849c8327e91abf95f599ad85fe9Getting street chic right is all about carrying the right kind of handbags in addition to several other factors that add to your overall look. It’s all in the bag and how you carry it ladies, and most importantly how it is matched.

Get looking posh and incredibly chic, like the type of person that styles celebrities and models and really knows their onion when it comes to the many layers of fashion extravagance. Here are a few playful ideas on how to get that cool unruffled chic look with different types of handbags. Continue Reading

Fashion, Featured Handbags

Fall Bag Guide

Fall is the start of fresh fashion season, and demands a complete wardrobe makeover. Fabrics and styles that worked for summer might not stand the test of colder weather, and what better way to transition to new materials and trends than the ever keen and versatile handbag.

This year has seen an exciting mix of designs and styles, yet the end of the year seems to bring with it renewed appreciation for structured shapes in handbags, cute and petite clutches, and textured delights. From runway design mines to street accessible, here are some of the top bags styles to look out for this winter. Continue Reading