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Simply Elegant

Handbags are defined by notable trends with every passing fashion cycle. This fall has ushered in fresh handbag trends in clean and modern aesthetic and some of the classiest designs.images

If you’re looking to buy a new bag, look for simplicity in approach and design. Find lasting style in handbags that imbibe on the minimalist philosophy ‘less is more’. From use of fabric to execution and lasting design, clean and intricately crafted bags are set to be iconic styles for years to come. Supremely elegant and right to the point, bags minus frills and gimmicks, which focus on structure, shape, craftsmanship, material used, make great accompaniments to absolutely any kind of look and outfit.

Here are some handy simply elegant pieces along with style combinations certain to include you in some of the best dressed within your circle of friends. Continue Reading

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Make-up Styles and Bags to Complete Your Look

Fall is the time to accentuate color to bring out the most in neutral shades and deep tones. As most women are aware, change ofbec927d7c2d747b14e5c790a945d2500 season usually brings about a shift in trending color palette to better compliment nature and add contrast to growing monochromatic shades seen all around.

Add the right shades to your beauty arsenal and gear up for the crisp of winter with fashion favored make-up colors and bags this season. Brighten up your mood and fall wardrobe with these essential fresh looks certain to get you all warmed up and rosy cheeked as the temperatures drop.

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Style a Winter Staple Right

As the climate gets crisper, sleeves get longer, leggings get cosier, jeans, and pants return with a flourish. Along with these regular staples, funnel or turtle necks are a common sigCollege to Real-World Staple: Collared Coatht during colder climes and always make a fashion comeback with a bang.

Easy to pair and incredibly versatile turtlenecks can be typified as a classy ubiquitous winter item. Ready to wear and phenomenally effortless to pair with separates to create a wonderful winter look, turtle necks can shift style from studious or office serious to alluringly sexy with just a few adjustments.

A quick change of bag or shoe can transform your look to work to suit your mood. Here are some elegant and polished combinations to help you get a better idea about how to style this elemental classic item. Continue Reading

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Bags and Sneakers – Hit or Miss?

tumblr_mjery2duWo1qd52tpo1_500The rise of street style has sparked the ingenuity and streaks of fashion trends. An eclectic mix of pure street mixed with posh looks have surfaced all across the world with amazing combinations that are simply too cool.

Bring your favorite looks together and step out in the comfort of your flat and easy sneakers. Get around town in style and completely at ease with the many combinations fun sneakers and bags have to add to your unique stylistic element. Continue Reading

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Fashion Cure All

mirb3Instant remedies to outfits that need a snappy and dressy pick me up can be found in the doctor’s bag. These fashion cure-alls add structure, charm and carry the ability to define any type of look. Ideal in its polished and refined design in every way, get on the doctor bag trend that has earned a place in the wardrobes and hearts of fashionistas the world over.

Liven up every day combinations with a quick fixer-upper found in the doctor bag. Composed, stolid and ever handy, these delightful structured pieces are reminiscent of an old world charm revamped with fresh and modern approach. Carry them with absolutely any kind of look and brighten up your outfit. Continue Reading