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Ways to Wear Rompers

unnamed (5)

Hello ladies and maybe gentlemen (I’m not judging.(; ) Rompers can honestly be a difficult sometimes, if it doesn’t fit properly it can make you lose your shape. You wanna make sure the waistline fits on your waist, not too high or too low. If it’s too flowly of a fabric, it can make you look like you rolled out of bed in a pair of your PJ’s. Not another one of those “#WokeUpLikeThis” because, no you did not! Accessorizing them can be a pain in the butt… Don’t give up on hope! Here’s Handbag Heaven‘s favorites of dressing a romper up. Outfits were created with our favorite, polyvore.

Boho Chic

unnamed (6)

Who doesn’t love a bohemian summer look and a cute clutch to tag along? Fringy layers are so fun and  “fetch.” Don’t worry Gretchen we agree with you, we are making it happen. (;

Pink Rose

unnamed (4)

Be flowy and frilly in the cute way, not the pajama way! Dressing up with belts is an excellent way to hold your body shape if the romper takes that away from you. Oh, don’t foget Minnie, she’s here to help carry your necessities in style.

Sexy yet Classy

unnamed (8)

Ow ow! Got a date, a party, or just a night out with the friends? Long legged rompers are perfect for nice dressed events. You don’t always have to go with that dress that may, or may not draw attention when the breeze catches you, or fits so tight it crawls up your legs as you walk and sit down… I know I’ll take that, pass and, go with the sliming romper. Isn’t that right, Lola?





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What Size of Purse Are You?


The Clutch
A girl that’s put together and fashionably late must be “the clutch” She’s sharp, doesn’t take no for an answer, and always has a credit card to pay for her must haves. Don’t worry guys, this girl is independent and will always be one to take care of herself.

The Mini Me
This girl is prepared for her lipstick to wipe off from a starbucks cup of coffee, so she must indeed carry her lipsticks. Always looking fresh and ready to take on whatever hottie comes to talk to her and swipe her off of her feet. Smart, she knows a fake when she see’s one… Sweet is her middle name, and her sense of humor is intriguing.

“The Norm”
Say hello to the everday sized handbag, this girl is not just any girl though. Diveristy sure enough sets in. Her bag is filled anywhere from her make up bag to her favorite book. Her belongings are very important to keep around because when things get boring, she’s prepared.

The Tote-ally Prepared
Okay, so she must have kids or must have her life with her. Reguardless, not a thing is missing wherever she may go. Moms, I mean I totally get it, you need to keep the kids under control! They will scream and cry at you, and no kid ladies, I get you too. Who doesn’t want to have everything they need when they need it? Maybe I should consider carrying my tote around!

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Revival of the Classic Handbag

The classic handbag has been revived and old time favorites have been replaced with new age must-have wardrobe essentials. Remember the muse and speedy totes of the days of yore, the immutable styles of undeniable functional and creative design? Well, keeping up with the times will pay off with the few avant bag designs that have moved up to the ranks of classic must-have bag styles.

 Here is a list of some revolutionary handbag designs that have been bumped up to status of the new ‘classic’.

 Structured Tote

 Sleek, elegant and clearly stylish, this style of bag is the epitome of classic. Ever sophisticated in its simple and functional design, the stylish structured tote is ideal for everyday meetings and events. Versatile and the modern office goer’s best friend, this kind of bag carries stylistic characteristics without appearing overly old-fashioned. The modern take on this classic number lends even more appeal to this definitive handbag. Continue Reading

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Fun-Size Your Wardrobe up with Funky Mini Handbags

Small or fun-size is all the rage today. A trend that’s in to stay, the mini handbag is a delightful pint-sized version of classic and favorite bag designs. Compact and conveniently equipped with long shoulder straps, mini handbags work well as a handy day bag, or even when out for a fun night with the girls.

Keep things to a minimum with the ever-accessible mini handbag. A fresh way to get around town with nothing more than your bare essentials, the mini bag has been reintroduced to mainstream fashion and the hottest addition to any fashionable wardrobe.

Here is a look at some hot and cute minis, which are definite wardrobe must-haves. Continue Reading

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College to Real-World Style: Janice of A Damsel in a Dress

In preparation for a new school year, Handbag Heaven University snagged a little closet inspiration from the most put-together college gals and twenty-somethings we know. Take a peek at how they styled the must-haves featured on our college closet timeline, and be sure to check back regularly for more college-to-real-world style cues!

college campus highlights on fashion and life

We can’t get enough of today’s HHU blogger, Janice Thi Tran of A Damsel in a Dress. Her impossibly perfect style — complete with flowy pieces, classic accessories, and street-chic staples — are one of the many reasons we love her. Janice is studying Fashion Merchandising Management at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Take a look at her must-have college to real-world style pieces for fall:

Leather Jacket

leather jacket chic

Leather jacket chic

Leather Jacket

What to wear with a leather jacket

Crossbody Bag

cute nautical outfit

crossbody bag

(Yep! That’s our Minnie crossbody!)

Functional Boots

Functional booties


white on white with booties

Basic Pumps

basic pumps

holographic pumps

Modest Mary Janes

Cute fall look - Mary Janes

Modest Mary Janes

Bold Necklace

Bold necklace

Bold necklace - must-have!

Thanks to Janice for sharing her collegiate style with us! Be sure to pin our interactive timeline From Freshman Gal to Real-World Lady: Building a College Wardrobe for future inspiration, too!