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Ways to Wear Rompers

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Hello ladies and maybe gentlemen (I’m not judging.(; ) Rompers can honestly be a difficult sometimes, if it doesn’t fit properly it can make you lose your shape. You wanna make sure the waistline fits on your waist, not too high or too low. If it’s too flowly of a fabric, it can make you look like you rolled out of bed in a pair of your PJ’s. Not another one of those “#WokeUpLikeThis” because, no you did not! Accessorizing them can be a pain in the butt… Don’t give up on hope! Here’s Handbag Heaven‘s favorites of dressing a romper up. Outfits were created with our favorite, polyvore.

Boho Chic

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Who doesn’t love a bohemian summer look and a cute clutch to tag along? Fringy layers are so fun and  “fetch.” Don’t worry Gretchen we agree with you, we are making it happen. (;

Pink Rose

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Be flowy and frilly in the cute way, not the pajama way! Dressing up with belts is an excellent way to hold your body shape if the romper takes that away from you. Oh, don’t foget Minnie, she’s here to help carry your necessities in style.

Sexy yet Classy

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Ow ow! Got a date, a party, or just a night out with the friends? Long legged rompers are perfect for nice dressed events. You don’t always have to go with that dress that may, or may not draw attention when the breeze catches you, or fits so tight it crawls up your legs as you walk and sit down… I know I’ll take that, pass and, go with the sliming romper. Isn’t that right, Lola?





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Happy Author’s Day! – Nov. 1

tumblr_m7h0su56V51rx8l0lo1_400_largeOur Handbag Heaven team is full of avid bookworms and today we are excited to celebrate some of our favorite female authors and their scintillating sense of style! It was hard to choose just a few for this post, because there are so many wonderful and stylish authors out there. Who are your favorites? Read about ours, then comment with your picks!

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Celebrity Handbag Style Envy

We all love a stylin’ handbag and celebrities always seem to have the best of the best. Whether its the classic ladylike look of Taylor Swift of the rocker vibe that Kylie Jenner flaunts, we love it all. Today we’re sharing our favorite celebrity handbag style muses! Enjoy! Continue Reading

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Choose the Right Lip Color

Choose the right lipstick


Sexy lips are all about the right shade, ladies. Every trendy woman appreciates the instant appeal that lips garner. Use fun shades and colors to pucker up this season.  While some women can pull off the most unusual shades of lip color, a majority of us struggle to get even the simplest shade right. Plus, the many options and possibilities available today make it far from easy.  Here are a few easy steps to choose the right lip color that suits you best.  Start with identifying the natural undertone to your skin. Have a look at your wrist in natural light—if the veins on your arm seem bluish, you have a cool undertone. If they lean more toward green, then you’re warm. Continue Reading