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Officially Great

Basic-Work-Outfits-for-Office-Wear-2013-2014-1Often choosing an outfit to the office can get into a rut with the same accessories and pieces that come back into rotation without inventive additions or changes. Transform everyday style with the simple change of a handbag that completely reinvents your look at the office.

Introduce tasteful style and color to mundane days at the office with fun and playful ways to express individual creativity in bags that bring out the best side of your personality.

Earn the respect of your colleagues with office wear that commands attention and appreciation. Here are a few office style guides to make a marked impression at work. Continue Reading

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Simply Elegant

Handbags are defined by notable trends with every passing fashion cycle. This fall has ushered in fresh handbag trends in clean and modern aesthetic and some of the classiest designs.images

If you’re looking to buy a new bag, look for simplicity in approach and design. Find lasting style in handbags that imbibe on the minimalist philosophy ‘less is more’. From use of fabric to execution and lasting design, clean and intricately crafted bags are set to be iconic styles for years to come. Supremely elegant and right to the point, bags minus frills and gimmicks, which focus on structure, shape, craftsmanship, material used, make great accompaniments to absolutely any kind of look and outfit.

Here are some handy simply elegant pieces along with style combinations certain to include you in some of the best dressed within your circle of friends. Continue Reading

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Cool Whites for Cold Climes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGet ready for a season full of mix and matched fun. As seasons shift, so do trends and tones. Set yourself apart by accessorizing your wardrobe with exceptionally designed white handbags. While white might not be the boldest color, though juxtaposed against deep rich autumn oranges, reds and yellows, you’re sure to set a stunning example.

In reverence to current predominant neutral tones and colors choices seen in styles across the globe, here is an ode to the white handbag, a winter essential. Revel in the joy a bright cloud white bag can lend to your overall look.

Here are some fine examples of how to match your very own powder puff in celebration of imminent snowfall and blanched winter scenes. Continue Reading

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Putting Together a Makeup Bag

A makeup bag is a must-have for any woman. However, most of us spend more time in digging through our overflowing cosmetics bag (or bags) than actually wearing makeup. We forget that while some cosmetic products are for special occasions and need not be carried around in our bags all the time, others are for everyday use. To avoid clutter and disorganization, it is advisable to have in your makeup bag only those products that you will regularly use, and clear out anything that is old/unusable.

While every woman’s make up routine may differ, there are 7 essential tools/products that your makeup bag should contain, which can help you put together a great look in no time.

Continue Reading

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Bag It Up In Style: Handbag Style Tips

A woman’s handbag is her most important accessory, and choosing the right handbag style should never be taken lightly. A veritable box of wonders, a woman’s purse must have enough space to contain everything but the kitchen sink, and still look über chic.

The thing about practicality and fashion is that the two don’t really go hand in hand. A style could be in today and out the back door tomorrow. You can’t always blow a bundle on bags because you need to choose between looking fashionable and living on a budget.

Classics are always in

Shopping for a handbag that never goes out of style is the practical choice. The decision to invest in a designer handbag should be made wisely, because you don’t want to spend heavily and be stuck with a bag you have no use for. Some classics have been making the rounds since forever and are in fashion no matter what. Continue Reading