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5 Outfits for Any Date

Preparing for a date is exciting, but honestly, it’s quite a harrowing task. A whole lot goes into finding the right look or impressive outfit to make your date forget about everything else. The outfit is just the tip of the iceberg too; you must also pair the perfect shoes, handbag, and do your hair up just right.

The type of date you are going on doesn’t matter; all that should concern you is that you look stunning. To make things a bit easier for you, here are a few crucial tips on what to wear for any kind of date. Get ready to woo him right from the start. Continue Reading

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Fall Styles: The best looks trending for the season

A new season is once again coming on fast! With 2014 pushing through the summer, the fall styles have made their appearance on the runways. Wondering what the top trends are for makeup and nails? Here are the top three for eyes, lips, and nails that come straight from the runway. We’ve also picked out some handbags to match so you can be prepared with a whole look that will make you the person to watch no matter where you are. Take a look and then tell us what fall styles you are excited about!

1) Eyelashes – Every great picture needs a frame, and eyelashes are the frames of your gorgeous eyes. This season, it’s big and bold to bring back the sixties-style glamour. To get the look from the runway, line your upper lid with a black pencil eyeliner and smudge it into your waterline. Then top it off with three layers of mascara, combing lashes between each layer. If you want, falsies are also a great way to get a full lash look. Use small clusters mixed in with your real lashes. The most effective method is to apply the glue to the cluster, then wait 30 seconds before pressing them onto your lash line. Top it all off with a layer of mascara. Voila! A gorgeous frame to set your eyes apart from all the others. Pair with our bold Kate Studded Handbag and nude eyeshadow for the perfect anytime look.

Beautiful Full Eyelashes

2) Berry Lips – For fall 2014, the trend is stained lips. The color: berry. From Michael Kors and Isabel Marant comes the flattering-on-everyone lip style. To get the look, choose a deep wine color in a lipstick or gloss, then just tap the color lightly onto your lips with your finger. To set the color, blot it with blotting paper or in a pinch use tissues. You’ll get that delicious “just bitten” look that will emphasize your lip shape in all the right ways. Match to a new wallet with texture, like our Jamison Small Wallet.

Berry lipstick stain look

3) Nails – Personally, I can’t help but change my nail polish every week. But there are times when a color or style comes around that makes me want to keep it forever. This season, there are three amazing styles using that same amazing berry color to match your lips. First we have a solid all-over color in a deep pomegranate. Invest an extra couple of dollars in a polish that is chip-resistant to get the most out of the effort. Second, using this same pomegranate polish and a nude color polish, you can do a beautiful berry stripe design. Hold a thin brush at the base of your nail and slowly move your finger away to get a great freehand stripe of the berry color over the nude. Third, try different cutout designs! You can use tape to block off sections of your nail at a time to get perfect lines. Now show off those gorgeous nails with a beautiful new clutch. Try the Tracey Convertible Clutch, a favorite of ours.

three fall styles for nail polish 2014





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Yay or Nay: What makeup products are worth your time and money?

We have all had that experience when we go to the makeup counter, and we try EVERYTHING as we chat with the makeup techs. It’s fun to get new makeup, but staying on budget is important. Here are a few tips on how to get the most fun bang for your buck!

foundation tips

1) Foundation: This product goes over pretty much all the skin on your face, so make sure it’s something good. Do a test patch to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction to the ingredients, and get one that is right for your skin type.

Eye Shadow Purchase

2) Eye shadow: When you buy a good eye shadow, it’s not going to cake throughout the day and it’s not going to be difficult to apply. Plus, when you buy good eye shadow, you don’t have to spend money on shadow base products.

3) Lipstick/Lip Gloss: Two features of good lipstick - staying power and texture. Don't be afraid to try multiple types and shades to see how well they work with your skin tone and lip skin type.

3) Lipstick/Lip Gloss: Two features of good lipstick – staying power and texture. Don’t be afraid to try multiple types and shades to see how well they work with your skin tone and lip skin type.

4) Moisturizer: I know this falls into more of a skin care category, but because it works alongside your makeup to give you just the right look, splurge on a moisturizer that is going to keep your pores clear and that will help your skin stay supple. Get samples from different places and try them for a week. After that, then decide which one works best with your skin and your other products and go from there.

4) Moisturizer: I know this falls into more of a skin care category, but because it works alongside your makeup to give you just the right look, splurge on a moisturizer that is going to keep your pores clear and that will help your skin stay supple. Get samples from different places and try them for a week. After that, then decide which one works best with your skin and your other products and go from there.





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10 Fave Life Hacks

Lately there have been many articles about different life hacks to save time and money–I even saw one website with 1,000 different hacks! I think it would take more time to read through those than we would save through those tips, so I’ve picked my top 10 favorite hacks from across the web. Let us know what your favorites are by sharing in the comments or posting with us on our social media.

  1. I just had a need for this little trick this morning. Don’t you hate it when you have a tube of product and you know there’s a lot left but you just can’t get to it?? this little trick can save quite a bit of the product you paid for, and it’s one of the easiest things to do. Just cut open the tube and scoop the goop into a plastic jar. Now it’s easy to get to!

    Makeup Life Hacks

  2. I admit that I often color my hair at home to save money and time. But one downside is the dye can easily stain my skin! To prevent having marks near my hairline while still getting all the way to my roots is to line my face with conditioner. Vaseline works well, too.

    Hair Coloring Hacks

  3. Use a rubber band to get perfect french manicure tips. We’ve seen many versions of this, but I think this knot method is the easiest.

    French Manicure Hacks

  4. I recently had my nails painted with yellow and blue nail polish. Unfortunately, after I removed the polish the nails with the yellow stayed yellow! I tried this little trick, and voila! White nails again. Whew!

    Get Whiter Nails

  5. Working at I have built up quite a collection of purses. This little tip saved me a lot of money on special hooks and more hangers, and it’s so easy to get access to the purse I want. Just hang the purses using shower curtain hooks!
    Use Shower Curtain Hooks To Hang Purses
  6. Ok. Who doesn’t use bobby pins? I use them quite often, but I often lose them or don’t have quick easy access to them. I found this hack extremely useful!! Put the bobby pins in an empty Tic-Tac container. Perfect for taking with you in your purse or clutch, and even for storage in the bathroom drawer.

    Bobby Pin Container

  7. Here’s another hair-related hack. Similar idea to the bobby pin idea, but for elastics. Use a cheap carabiner!

    Store Hair Elastics

  8. Got makeup on your shirt? It can be easy to get foundation or other makeup on your clothes as you get dressed or as you are applying makeup. Simply use a bit of shaving cream and wipe the makeup off your clothes. Now you have cleaned up and don’t need to change, and best of all it won’t damage your clothes! My favorite shaving cream for this trick is Barbasol.

    clean makeup with shaving cream

    Shave Time

  9. Add a simple wall sit at the end of a run or bike ride. Just do three wall sits at 30-60 seconds each and you will see a noticeable difference in your muscle tone and strength! You can even do this when you wake up to get your blood going and help you kick start your energy for the day. Best thing is you can do them anywhere.

    Wall Sits Anywhere

  10. My last favorite hack is so amazingly simple I almost can’t believe it. Got a paper cut? Got chapstick? Apply chapstick to the cut and it stops the pain and it’s gone within a day. Sweet relief!

    Papercut Remedy


Our Bed to Beautiful: Your 10 Minute Morning Routine post also has some great ideas for how to save time getting ready.


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Beach Bag 101: Packing the Perfect Vacation

Okay, Spring Breakers, the countdown is on! It’s only a short matter of time before you head to the beach for a relaxing (or maybe a little wild) vacation. While you’re agonizing over a perfect wardrobe for the week, don’t forget about your beach-going necessities. While spring break is typically a time to put away the books and let loose, let’s examine the science behind beach bag essentials. Get ready to take notes!

Here’s what you’ll need for a perfect vacation in the sun, surf, and sand. Welcome to Beach Bag 101.

Beach bag essentials

Featured handbag: Madison Chevron Tote

Sunglasses: No need to harp on the importance of protecting your eyes from the sun (but seriously, it’s dangerous), because you’ll also need a pair of these babies for style and comfort. Be careful when handling your shades, as suntan lotions and abrasive sand can do some damage to your lenses. Be sure to wipe your hands before touching them and store them in a protective case if you happen to take them off (only to say hi to that cute lifeguard, of course). Our favorite look-for-less sunnies of late are, of course, from out sister store at Sunglass Warehouse. Check ’em out!

Sunscreen: Getting a deep golden glow may be your number one priority, but slathering on the sunscreen needs to come first! Tip: The cheapest sunscreen option isn’t always the best. Be sure to choose something that protects against both UVA and UVB rays with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30. Also, be sure to put your sunscreen on 30 minutes before going into the sun and reapply as needed, especially after going into the water. Shiseido provides a great sun care line with varying protection factors.

Entertainment: While some of us are perfectly content to look at the ocean or listen to the sound of the waves with our eyes closed, others just need something to do. Take this opportunity to listen to music on your phone or grab a good ol’ paperback book or magazine. Make a vacay playlist to act as the soundtrack for your trip, or take the time to read a bestseller that you just haven’t had time to catch up with. The choice is yours — it’s your vacation after all!

Water: Staying hydrated when spending time in the sun is essential. You may be tempted to reach for a sugary soda or sports drink, but these drinks can have a diuretic effect, which removes water from your body, therefore making it easier for you to become dehydrated. So stick with the H2O and drink up! Not a fan of plain water? Add lemon slices or frozen berries to make water taste more exciting!

Chapstick: Don’t forget to protect your lips! Like the rest of your skin, they can burn and even blister. (How’s that for a ruined spring break?) Choose something with an SPF of at least 15 and reapply as needed. Look for a product that is water resistant, or go with something tinted to give your glowing skin a pop of healthy color. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments are a fave because they come in tinted colors and have plenty of SPF!

Beach towel: Whether you plan to go in the water or not, you’re going to need a large towel. To avoid sticky, sandy skin while sunbathing, bring an old sheet and lay it down before you put your towel down. Another great tip? Choose an ultra bright color or bold print for your beach towel so you can easily find it after getting in the water or going on a long walk. That way, you can keep an eye on your things more easily!

What are your beach bag must-haves? Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Featured: Target towel, iPod mini, Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment Sunscreen, Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream, and Camelbak water bottle