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Ways to Wear Rompers

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Hello ladies and maybe gentlemen (I’m not judging.(; ) Rompers can honestly be a difficult sometimes, if it doesn’t fit properly it can make you lose your shape. You wanna make sure the waistline fits on your waist, not too high or too low. If it’s too flowly of a fabric, it can make you look like you rolled out of bed in a pair of your PJ’s. Not another one of those “#WokeUpLikeThis” because, no you did not! Accessorizing them can be a pain in the butt… Don’t give up on hope! Here’s Handbag Heaven‘s favorites of dressing a romper up. Outfits were created with our favorite, polyvore.

Boho Chic

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Who doesn’t love a bohemian summer look and a cute clutch to tag along? Fringy layers are so fun and  “fetch.” Don’t worry Gretchen we agree with you, we are making it happen. (;

Pink Rose

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Be flowy and frilly in the cute way, not the pajama way! Dressing up with belts is an excellent way to hold your body shape if the romper takes that away from you. Oh, don’t foget Minnie, she’s here to help carry your necessities in style.

Sexy yet Classy

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Ow ow! Got a date, a party, or just a night out with the friends? Long legged rompers are perfect for nice dressed events. You don’t always have to go with that dress that may, or may not draw attention when the breeze catches you, or fits so tight it crawls up your legs as you walk and sit down… I know I’ll take that, pass and, go with the sliming romper. Isn’t that right, Lola?





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Putting Together a Makeup Bag

A makeup bag is a must-have for any woman. However, most of us spend more time in digging through our overflowing cosmetics bag (or bags) than actually wearing makeup. We forget that while some cosmetic products are for special occasions and need not be carried around in our bags all the time, others are for everyday use. To avoid clutter and disorganization, it is advisable to have in your makeup bag only those products that you will regularly use, and clear out anything that is old/unusable.

While every woman’s make up routine may differ, there are 7 essential tools/products that your makeup bag should contain, which can help you put together a great look in no time.

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The Art of Perfecting Your Eye Makeup

Getting your eye makeup right can instantly transform you from Girl-Next-Door to Gorgeous Diva! However, it’s not easy to become an expert in the art of eye makeup overnight. Knowing the right makeup to suit your face and personality is very important if you want to look bold and distinguished. Here are some Pro Tips about the three essential eye makeup tools that can help you brighten your image in a jiffy.


Dmascaraefined eyelashes can give you that seductive and sexy look, and using the right mascara—and using it right—can make heads turn. A good mascara will add thickness and length to your lashes and bring out the beauty of your eyes. For this reason, this miracle beauty tool is a must-have for all women. First, you must find the right product and color that suit your needs. Gently twist the stick in a circular motion; start at the base of your lashes and curl out towards the end. Continue Reading

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Hair Transformations

Inspired by celebrity hair dos and a free means of expression through innovative choice of colors, here’s a look at the many possibilities to feel and look like a whole new person with a quick seasonal change in your hair. Switch your look to something radical and absolutely out of this world with a look certain to get you noticed this season. Here are a few of the most trending hair colors this year.

Golden Blonde

Beautiful model showing her perfect blonde straight hair

As the seasons change with summer drawing to a close, icy or platinum blondes have begun to switch to a darker, deeper shade of the color. Transitioning to a fuller wheaten shade of hair color will lend a more youthful and complimentary look. Supplemented by dark roots that imperceptibly shade into flaxen gold toned strands or tips, makes for a more wholesome and bold style and works incredibly well on women with light and fair skin tones.

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Get Street Chic

Make the most of the summer while it lasts, and flaunt that flowery dress! Street style is all about having fun while making it interesting with a gorgeously fashionable understated look bound to get you head turns and admired glances.

Mix and match existing essentials in your wardrobe or be inspired by some of the hottest and most trending and current street looks today. Here are a few elegant and creative ideas that the summer has brought to fashion essentials this year. Continue Reading