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Around The World With Eight Key Bags

The girls here at Handbag Heaven are itching to take a trip somewhere, so I thought it might be fun to spend the afternoon daydreaming and escaping to some of my favorite vacation destinations.

Ready to take a trip? Of course you are ;)  Pack your bags, and let the excursion begin!

On Handbag Heaven Airlines, we celebrate each culture’s norms, foods, and language — and fashion is prioritized, of course! So fasten those seat belts, and put your seats in the upright position; in case of an emergency, use the oxygen masks, and remember the seat cushions are life preservers.

Traveling The World

1.Yellow Clutch // 2. Zebra Handbag // 3.  Tan Bag 4. Red Satchel // 5. Exotic Handbag //6.  Brown Satchel // 7. Green Clutch // 8. Fringed Handbag

We are making our way around the world in eight key bags (get it!?). Oh the places we’ll go!

After a quick flight down south, the journey begins.

Stop 1-  Brazil: Reese Clutch

The famous Rio De Janeiro’s impeccable and vibrant colors remind me of the Reese Clutch.  Fortunately, this stop happens to be during the annual festival of Carnival.  Packed with tons of people and huge celebrations, this place is full of color combinations that are dazzling.  I even saw a yellow and pink outfit that matches the clutch; both have amazing appeal.  After all the fun, it’s time to fly!

Stop 2-  Africa: Carmen Bag

We’re landed and loaded up for a safari.  Spotted (more like striped!) in the distance is a beautiful zebra.  Immediately, the Carmen Bag comes to mind.  These amazing black and white animals inspire a perfect pattern to accent any outfit.  Great trip so far, and I’m ready for the next stop.

Stop 3-  Australia: Megan Satchel

Let’s go Down Under, mate!  With hopes to see the Great Barrier Reef and the Opera House, we first trek through the Outback.  As a kangaroo hops nearby, I think of the Megan Satchel.  Both the bag and kangaroo have beautiful, tan complexions — and honestly, plenty of pouch space!    This journey has been long, but happily, it continues!

Stop 4-  South Korea: Sabrina Satchel

Here in South Korea, I have to taste the country’s signature dish, kimchi.  Packed with a powerful taekwondo kick, the red chili powder flavor makes a girl stop in her tracks.  I begin to think about the fiery red Sabrina Satchel that provides the same power-packing punch to any outfit.  With water in hand, I head on.

Stop 5-  Russia: Jamison Shoulder Bag

Russia is packed with amazing architecture and ornate design.  I stumble across a vendor selling matryoshka dolls that resemble the same color palette as the Jamison Shoulder Bag.  These carved dolls, which each have a smaller doll inside, have intricate details painted all over. Just like the Jamison, they are perfection! I’m sad to be nearing the end of the trip; fortunately, there are a few more stops.

Stop 6-  France: Monroe Satchel

I need to wear my high fashion pieces here because Paris is the home of Chanel.  Lounging under the Eiffel Tower, I see tweed-inspired designs all over, which remind me of  the chocolate tweed Monroe Satchel.  Both Paris and Monroe are chic and elegant. Awe-inspired, I feel a need to stop for a croissant. As I finish eating, I prepare for the next stop.

Stop 7-  Ireland: Luna Clutch

Have you ever seen anything as green and serene as Ireland? The homeland of St. Patrick’s Day is breathtaking, and this foliage reminds me of the striking green color of the Luna Clutch.  I absolutely adore both with their sleek exteriors.  It’s sad my trip is ending, but I’m ready to head home.

Stop 8- USA: August Bag

As I land in the Midwest, I put on my cowboy hat, boots, and get out my August Bag. I loved the journey and other cultures, but fully embrace the fact that this is my inspired look.

Around the world in 8-key bags was so much fun and certainly style-savvy, don’t you think!? It was a blast to see how each unique design resembles a different country’s culture. But now, it’s time to sleep because jet lag is no fun :)

Have a great trip and the loveliest of weekends!

XOXO Bethany and The HH Girls

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