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5 Outfits for Any Date

Preparing for a date is exciting, but honestly, it’s quite a harrowing task. A whole lot goes into finding the right look or impressive outfit to make your date forget about everything else. The outfit is just the tip of the iceberg too; you must also pair the perfect shoes, handbag, and do your hair up just right.

The type of date you are going on doesn’t matter; all that should concern you is that you look stunning. To make things a bit easier for you, here are a few crucial tips on what to wear for any kind of date. Get ready to woo him right from the start.


1. The Afternoon Date 

Polka Dot Dress Coco Frame Bag in Brown

A date to meet over lunch or coffee is relatively casual, so you don’t have to bother with too much thought on what to wear. Sun dresses are ideal on brunch or lunch dates. Accentuated it with a denim jacket, the right accessories, and paired with stunning shoes, you have an absolutely gorgeous look. Pair with our Coco Frame Bag in brown!

2. Sporty much? 

Cute Girl With Date Outfit Ready for Hiking Handbag Heaven Dixie Crossbody Bag


Dating an outdoorsy sports guy can get pretty adventurous and your dates might get pretty active and call for a relatively comfortable pair of shoes. Sporty dates can be super fun, especially if you’re dressed right. Think comfortably cute. Wear something chic that doesn’t slip off easily. Stick to the ever important ‘4S’ rule on dynamic dates ― shorts, shirt, shades, sunscreen. Carry extra sunscreen, lip gloss, and a water bottle in our functionally sexy Dixie Crossbody Bag.


3. The Pub Hop 

Outfit for Date Night Out Serena Studded Clutch


The local pub is a common date spot, and if your date takes you out drinking, it would work to know if it is a casual, upscale bistro, a cool pub, or an elegant bar. You can’t go wrong with a snug fitted pair of skinny jeans or a funky sheer skirt and the right top. Bold accessories and make up are encouraged. Don’t forget to take a lipstick or lip gloss and powder for touch-ups throughout the night! Keep it handy with the Serena Studded Clutch. This is simply a great clutch!!


4. Movie Dates

Dress for Movie Date Handbag Heaven Minnie Laser Cut Envelope Bag


A classic date calls for a divinely classy outfit. The little black dress was explicitly fashioned for these occasions. Spice things up, and pull on a sexy cut-out number. Jumpsuits are a great option that will make an impact on your date. Remember to keep it stylishly sophisticated. Take along the Minnie Laser Cut Envelope Bag as a great accessory.


5. Elegant Evenings

Long Black Dress Handbag Heaven Lillian Leopard Clutch


It’s a big one, and time to pull out all the stops. Choose the most glamorous dress in your wardrobe. Nothing beats the ‘wow’ factor than a simple floor length sheer dress—the perfect accompaniment to a dinner date. A cocktail dress paired with heeled pumps would work great too. Accentuate any cocktail dress, long or short, with the exotic Lillian Leopard Clutch.


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