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5 Fast Beauty & Fashion Emergency Remedies

Whether you’re at school, the office, or on a date, there’s nothing that can ruin your day faster than a fashion or beauty disaster! From a broken zipper to a food stain, there are some inconveniences that just can’t be avoided. We’ve all been there, but never fear — we’ve got some quick fixes that will take you from code red to smooth sailing in no time flat.

How to fix beauty and fashion disasters!

1. Attack of the Meal Stain

We’re all for trying new trends, but we don’t suggest wearing your meal. Unfortunately, messes happen — especially when you’re eating on the go — and a stain is left in its wake. We recommend carrying some kind of stain removal stick or wipes in your purse. Stains can happen anywhere, so why not be prepared?

2. Frizzy Hair

So you’re getting ready for the day, and your hair is beauty queen-approved. Fast-forward to arrival at your destination, and the heat and humidity have left you looking more like the Lion King. While we always suggest the proactive approach of using anti-humidity styling products, it’s always good to have backups in your handbag. Anti-humidity hairspray can help you tame the frizz and keep your tresses in place. In a pinch, rub a very small amount of hand lotion on your hands and lightly pat down the wild hairs.

3. Broken Pants Zipper

You’re sitting at your desk, only to discover than your pants zipper is broken, leaving you exposed to the world. Ugh, is it Friday yet?! No worries. This one’s easy! Knot a rubber band through the zipper, loop it around the button or clasp of your pants, and voila! That sneaky little thing isn’t going anywhere now!

4. Shiny Afternoon Face

Between moisturizers, primers, and cosmetics, it’s not uncommon to have an oil slick lurking on the surface of your face by the afternoon. We recommend carrying some oil blotting papers in your purse. These are very affordable and easy to find in any drugstore or cosmetics department.

5. Deodorant Residue

For those who forget to dress before putting on the smell-good stuff, or those who change their outfit at the last second before heading out the door, you may be left with the dreaded white stripes. While your first instinct may be to go for the toilet paper or paper towel, this could leave you with an even bigger mess. Use any item made of cloth (hint: a sock works great!) to rub off the residue.

There you have it! Quick fixes that will have you looking tip-top again in no time. Any cool fixes you know of that you want to share with us? Comment below!

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